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DJ sixty seven years. What you need to know. The Boston Red Sox are two thousand eighteen World Series chance. Again, looks at ease. Red shirts kicks buyers. A celebration. Bob Chris sale. Pile starts. A pitchers. Jive? The Red Sox are World Series champion. John Salvi with the call right here on ESPN radio. Red Sox beat the dodgers five to one and the dude in five games. Speed Pierce was the MVP three home runs AARP is. And he was the one that got the party started early on in the game per shelf swag and off that were drilled left. Centerfield wet back there. I five in the Red Sox that jumped out to kill nothing. Wow. Guys started the year as a blue Jay envy with the game of his life. Four title in fifteen years of the Red Sox nine title in franchise history. The NFL the Rams remained undefeated eight on the season. Now, thanks to its way. Nine twenty seven win over the Packers Jared Goff three touchdowns. Patrick Mahomes for TD's chiefs. Get the seventy one thirtieth Twenty-three winning in Denver and the saints beat the Vikings thirty twenty through breeze. Touchdown pass. The first college football playoff rankings come out this week..

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