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Ads which are top tier ads for you to if you're offering someone incentives, you do have a relationship with them and you are asking them to stay with you and work with you on something. We're going to offer you a YouTube premium show like LIZA Koshi, for example, and it's very much like she's a YouTube product self. And I think it's interesting. When something like Logan, Paul happens YouTube like, oh, well, we don't have control over what they do, and which is true, but you're also using their faces and their views and their channels to sell advertisements or to get advertisements. And it's insane to see how quickly they go from. We don't represent our creators to our creators, absolutely represent our platform Broberg Kinko who's the head of YouTube? Susan's. Like wrote a book. Yeah, he was very proud of being like, look at all the great all a great things that YouTube is enabled right? And you read it and he's very clearly picked. I mean, he picked right creators. I can't. Green is in there like sheriff. Here are the people that YouTube wants to hold out and so much very positive role models. And there's a dark side to that which they kind of studiously ignore in then when they're chosen few do something wrong, they tend to run in the other direction. Yeah, the joke that I have ongoing, which 'cause I don't think it would ever happen. But like if Casey nice ever did something, YouTube would just not know what to do because he's like the godfather of YouTube. At this point. When I was at Polycom, we were figuring out how to cover YouTube and December thirty. First, I was getting ready to go out for new years and I got an push notification for Logans video from watching. I'm like, that's a dead body pre shirts, dead body emailed you to PR and they're like, oh yeah, we'll maybe we'll look into it. Got you in France, and they're like, oh, well, it's not New Year's Eve. And then two days later, like Aaron, Paul tweeted about it and became whole thing. It was a situation where I was like, Robert Kinkel likes to talk a lot about how you doesn't want to incentivize certain things. When YouTube algorithm does the complete opposite. So you get conversations about burnout and people feeling if you have to upload everyday people feeling like they have to compete for ads creators refer to ads as limited resources. Now there's not enough ads for everyone sleet compete for them. It means they have to do further. I can't confirm it, but there's been a lot of creators who were like Azra limited resource that being said, there seems to be as videos that I watch. So I'm not sure. I feel like you watch a lot of videos. Haven't Haven't reached reached the the end. end of the advertising, and I don't use YouTube red or premium because I need to know if there's at home. Oh, how do you suffer for your art. A lot of that stuff as fast as like. BSO. I think it's interesting because creators constantly feel like now more than ever that they are competing gainst YouTube in order to profit off YouTube in they're competing with kids coming in from new platforms like vine, all the vine kids went to you to invite shut down and they brought over with the millions of subscribers that's like your David Dobrica. Paul's the next one will be tick tock which is big out and wants to talk become passe people move over to YouTube. It's monetize -able. So this feels like a big trend that YouTube hasn't really contended with other social platform. Start social video platform start. They burn bright and then they failed because honestly, they cannot extract advertising dollars because YouTube has them all. Yeah, I'm sure we're Chessel no, but Facebook and Google control like eighty five ninety percent of the digital ad money that exists in the world. There's duopoly. So you start a vine or Ta-talk or musically..

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