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Eleven games in October. Dave Roberts on the field at Camden yards in Baltimore and yet do you hear the Dodger fans in the background pretty interesting so congratulations to the Los Angeles Dodgers as they clinch their seventh consecutive NL west title and the call there with Charley Steiner all the Dodgers radio network refers to the ball of the season in which they have been alone in first place. do you know the last day the Dodgers were not in sole possession of first place this season. April sixteenth. we had barely started the N. B. A. playoffs on April sixteenth. think about everything that's happened in sports since then what hasn't happened is that another team has taken over first place in that division. they never looked back and now. they were able to celebrate in the visitors clubhouse at Camden yards in Baltimore so coming up forty five minutes from now top of the hour in San Diego where the Padres have just wrapped up a victory over the cubs in fact walking off in the bottom of the tenth inning so from the NBA go we will welcome one of our favorite baseball insider Scott Miller of the bleacher report will talk to him about the Dodgers there Kelly feeling about the other two teams that clinched playoff spot on Tuesday night. weirdly enough. the Houston Astros do it on a night when Oakland had an axe to grind is the crystal Robbie that's it the right bill that's gonna get down for a hip Davis can walk home from third around thirty four he's gonna.

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