Phil Jackson, The Juice, New York discussed on The Herd with Colin Cowherd - Chris Paul, Phil Jackson, NBA rumors, and Vince Young


James dolan she me d you did that do yourself a favor great doled fate parting ways with phil jackson said we fire you okay you're five the trick you're you're gonna go back to my old troll's open up to make amends sit down with him tonight the whole situation go way right got goal of make things right we don't prouder you jimmy de you got the juice now pretty good the narrow approach is essential and he's buddy as a earning more new york then that video at eleven he telsource accident take of yoga matt montana i still i still i mean i think i understand nick fans be happy to the i get it he i um but it doesn't solve the james dolan is still your owner problem right he he's bad and and at roster ride of his guts a collection of awful cadre out along with toco at least erik derycke roses done right at indira closes contract yet but the bears been mixed reports whether or not they want to bring back at least of course diminished well that's the news and thanks for stopping by heard law i wanted to get to this story is that if you look at a lot of the nfl quarterbacks that have not worked out summer absolute bosts some took a little longer to be unveiled jeff george johnny manziel ryan leave vince young jim marcus russell orgy three guys we thought would be great summer good for a year to somewhere absolute busts.

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