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Right now we are in the quite vortexes worthy pincer movement of this big storm system that seems to be rolling through the midwest that snow to the north rain to the south of us right now looks like a chicago just south of they're getting a heavy shower in the snow is to the north lake route superior duluth and then back toward the twin cities but that rain to the south of us it's slowly slowly starting agreed north so eventually hanan will get here yeah no escape and what it does to you depends on where you are as you just heard to the north it's going to be an ice event find lake county maybe even into the fox valley and isis that pleasant personally up all takes no i'll take rain ice is not good cake it around eight a drops things like power lines and branches absolutely and again the e you we all have out there advances in cars and all those things but you get an icy catch and you're going to slide it doesn't matter what kind of fancy car you have or special breaks or anything like that it's it's too dangerous yup rubber annoys is not very nice if you are in the icy zone it is going to be amiss be ready for that plan accordingly it's not like we have been word that we've been told that the storm was comey was just a matter of where that wobble was going to be fairly because a few miles difference when you've got these ten are down this motor precipitation you can make a world the difference we will talk you through it throughout the day you're on wtmj little bit of good news at least for the ride home this afternoon in these parts it's an off day for mps so that should reduce a whole budget traffic out there so volume could be lighter at least for the ride home as it's reading sideways least the wither talking right now and he could even here thunderstorms in the middle of february seven thirteen a wtmj coming up at seven fifty one black panther all the rage not just in the us but globally the advance sales for this movie were just off the.

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