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Full for lenders showing up and having a beautiful message when it was over police arrested at least thirteen six people were hurt and one went to the hospital now the latest traffic and weather together getting off on a Sunday morning here with Red Bank road there's a crash at duck creek road that's just about it interstates to run right on time this one welcome to use forecast from the advanced dentistry weather center we moving your fear of seeing the dentist with the help of IV sedation learn more at no fear dentist dot com your weekend looks to bring back the heat humidity in full force today in fact look for the thermometer reach the low to mid nineties this afternoon and due to high humidity values or feel like temperatures will be closer to one hundred degrees at times with mostly sunny skies your ranges are slim but you can't rule and a stray shower or storm for me severe weather station I'm nine first warning meteorologist Austin Winfield newsradio seven hundred W. L. W. skies are mostly clear right now seventy four degrees two people were shot near UC campus early this morning what started out as a flight just after four AM in front of Corey bill Catholic elementary police say at least twenty shots were fired one person taken by ambulance to the hospital the other showed up at the hospital later on their own last night a metro bus passenger in Cincinnati was killed when the bus was caught in an exchange of gunfire in north Avondale at delta Avenue in reading rode the bus driver rush that passenger now identified as twenty one year old Niko Larkin immediately the UC Medical Center where he was pronounced dead police say the bus and the passenger were not the intended targets no word on who did that shooting another teen fatal shooting in Cincinnati police have a suspect in custody on this one a high school senior was killed in a shooting Saturday afternoon your Crutchfield Memorial Park on Simpson Avenue in Springfield township police say there was a fight and then gunfire channel nine quotes the superintendent of the north college hill city school district who confirmed the victim is a north college hill high school student Eugene Blaylock says he was on the scene to support the victims classmates Springfield township police are asking anyone with information about the shooting to call them I'm Matt Rees newsradio seven hundred W. O. W. L. suspects been identified twenty one year old your car Dillard of Colerain township he's been charged in the death of that seventeen year old a massive blast by a suicide bomber in a wedding in Afghanistan's capital of Kabul killed at least sixty three people and wounded a hundred eighty two civilians the deadliest blast this year the Islamic state in Afghanistan is claiming responsibility and the Reds update Aquino does it again areas now is same situation that he's driving a good deep Satterfield that's when the state agency number eleven that another major league record is enhanced by this amazing young man morning Jeff last night it ever Stevie's Aquino continues to rewrite the record book hitting a three run Homer in the bottom of the fifth the Reds beat the cardinals six to one Aquino is the first player since at least nineteen hundred with eleven home runs in his first seventeen career games the Reds look to take the series this afternoon with the first pitch at one ten from Alex would the inside pitch kicks off our coverage at twelve oh five our next update at nine thirty I sandy Collins newsradio seven hundred W. O. W. this report is sponsored by treasure I'll sleep arctic advantage of the nice weather this weekend and bring the family out for kids days with hundreds of outdoor vendors fantastic shopping deals bounce houses and fun activities for the kids there's something for everyone this weekend.

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