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Gas the same type of nerve gas used in nazi concentration camps later that year masami tsuchiya the front of here ueki son who he failed to convince to leave the cult would prove his loyalty to shoko by producing the first successful batch of sarin gas during this time only senior members of aum shinrikyo like hideo and seiichi were aware of the sarin gas production but during production cult members who lived in omb shinri kyo is mount fuji compound began to experience symptoms of seren gas poisoning including aching eyes bleeding noses and blackouts shocker dismiss these symptoms saying that the serega said been released by organisations attempting to harm them sometimes he said that the sarin gas was delivered by japanese jews which were rare in japan or by the japanese government with stranger than as outlandish excuses were the fact that his followers believed him many former members now believed that shoko had purposely releacern gas on them to affirm the myth that the cia and the jews were trying to destroy them this was another instance in which shoko seemed to have been self deluded it's likely that he may have believed his own stories elaborate devices to combat chemical and biological attacks were placed in shoko goes living area which suggest that shoko believed his own lies about being attacked with sarin gas but biological weapons were not the only weaponry own shinri kyo was developing as a cult that desire to end the world the most logical weapon to develop was a nuclear bomb overseeing the suffer it was fumie hero joe you shook was minister of foreign affairs fully hero was the cult's spokesperson to the general public and oversaw all of omission ricoh's partnerships in russia he was a debate champion in college fluent in english and had movie star good looks as omb shinri kyo began to develop nuclear technology for me hero made many trips to russia to consult military officials on how to build nuclear weapons although omission rico never deployed nuclear weapons successfully in may of 1993 a nuclear weapons test on an arm testing facility caused some seismic disturbances in the area residents even saw giant fireball light up the sky but.

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