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I'm the boss. Still Trust me. Shackles on my on my life. There's one we're in Chicago Baby. And even Boston. No, he's like deep, Chicago. WHO's from Boston. I don't know it's are the DUPE LOSSES FROM BOSTON? The do pauses in classes like houses in New York. I mean in Detroit or something. Texas whatever. Is Andrew Badjao Ski I messed up just Momberg. I'm alright. Buzz off the fact that we like. Just, then all of those guys who like who are like kind of in the same vein, and it's just like. I Dunno Perry makes more interesting movies, but it's still like. It's all kind of the same. I don't know if that like movement is net pause. Yeah, it does feel this is the thing it's like. It's done so little for me. But I also, it's made spaces. I think in done interesting things like especially. When like you know okay, you're do classes your lynch. Shelton's for example rested. FROG. Power vows bad bitch like she is she especially? Who else maybe like I don't know like Aaron sooner. Yeah, like Aaron Cats or whatever? Those are people who have done positive things when they branch out to like TV You know unlike these other spaces. I also am wake. I'm thinking. At first in my head. I was like well. Maybe it's good that like someone created a blueprint, and then I was like actually. Like if I were director, I wouldn't want someone to be like. She's like the Black Noah Baumbach like that is not the like. I would want to. Of that for you. So hey was. Right it is like the the like you know. We want to create our own spaces, and like exactly things whatever. The Masters House the master's tools et CETERA. Look at you right now. Destroy the masters metric graph with the masters. Red Camera! You! Can merely hit you. A lawyer Egg. Charlotte added to the candle. They got going into the metric graph bathrooms. Good his house house, delicious delicious. A gorgeous place. I would love to make a metro graph one day. My Hope, my one of my dream. Projects, is like opening A. Style place you and I are the same thing, not another bus our original. Dreams. No, and there isn't like one in like I. Dunno, like Chicago or like. I just think that like for what was it? You can go to Chicago. Yeah, you know Chicago I. Guess You do yeah, read though you know I am a Chicago ten. Who Thrives there, so it's true. Wolf A. Closely will.

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