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Own Vinny Penn here coming at you on animal radio, your resident party animal, the topic du jour, or dare I get cheeky and say a pet peeve of mine. When that friend of yours that you haven't seen in years, a girlfriend of mine came up to me recently and said, do you want to see a pair? I showed her pictures of my kids, and she said, do you want to see a picture of my kids? And she pulls out a photograph of two dogs. I don't know that there's anything more frustrating than this. I get the sentiment of the couple who's decided against having children, but to get a dog together in regard that is, that's our child, and regard it seriously. That's what's kind of appalling or the people who do it save. You do it tongue in cheek. That's one thing, but the show a photograph of two rottweilers in enormous hand sweaters and say these are our kids chip and eagle. Now they're not your kids. I'm all for the treating the pet like a member of the family. I had two dogs in my lifetime and they absolutely were members of our family. They were man's best friend. I am down with all of that, but they are not your children. As a father, I take offense to it. I have two kids of my own and it is a totally different situation. I feel ridiculous. He even tried to lay out why it's so silly. Not granted. I dated a few girls in the day where I could have had children with them, and they would have been dogs. I mean, I get all that. But to do that, to show that photo and say, dead serious, these are our children. We love them like you love your own children. No, you don't. No, you don't, because my kids would never have that tartar build up on their teeth. Vinny Penn, party animal, animal radio. This is animal radio. How would you like to save money on nearly all your prescription drugs? We've set up a special toll free number for the Rx outreach program. 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Well, as reptiles and amphibians are becoming increasingly popular pets these days, animal experts are calling for some renewed focus to ensure that we, the humans are not hurting our slithery, scaly Friends, and the issues a little more complicated than you might think at first. While lizards and geckos, let's say, can be easier to care for than a dog or cat, reptiles can still suffer from improper care and nutrition, and on top of that, increasing a popularity means spikes in illegal trade too, possibly placing endangered exotic species at risk. Now, experts say that compared to dogs, which achieve natural longevity in the domestic environment about 75% of reptiles die during their first year in a home as a pet. They stress that we need to make sure reptiles and amphibians get not just appropriate housing, but also some socialization since summer actually more social than we've been led to think in the past. So you're probably wondering what's the difference between amphibians and reptiles? I bet doctor Debbie knows you better know. I should. Well, I had to look it up. So amphibians, frogs, toads, salamanders, primarily live in and around water. Reptiles are your snakes lizards alligators, turtles, and reptiles lay hard shelled eggs, and their young are pretty much the smaller versions of what they are going to be as an adult. So what's that is? An alligator that would be an amphibian? No. That's a reptile. But I'm so confused. They hang out in the water. All right, but they're not exclusively Lin. Live in the water. Okay, okay. Okay. But it also has something to do with their skin, right? Yeah. There's more to it than just where they live. It's definitely how, you know, their scale, their confirmation, all that kind of stuff. Yeah. I have to chime in because this is a really big thing. Reptiles are the misunderstood a lot of people get them as pets. Don't know what they're doing. So it's a good reason to investigate, research, and then even take that little critter to the veterinarian when she get it to make sure you're doing everything right and consult with the veterinarian. Oh, they're so temperamental. I had a gecko and you have to keep it the exact temperature and if it veers for me. Humidity, UV light. That a lot of us are a lot of people will get a reptile or a bird as Joey was talking about and think that you can just like leave them in a cage and that's fine, but you're really social. And apparently a lot of reptiles and amphibians are as well. There's a group that you guys are going to be hearing more about in the future I bet it is called the green pet burial society as you know our love of pets continues to grow. The group advocates for what they call whole family cemeteries, places where a whole family could be buried. People in pets, yeah. The burial of pet remains in cemeteries designated for humans is illegal in many states, but last year, you know, we're making strides New York did legalize the burial of animal remains in human cemeteries, as long as both the human and the animal were interred at the same time means that you can't go out and kill an animal just to put it into a coffin with a human. Still, the green pet burial society says there are many, many stories out there of people sneaking the cremains of a beloved pet into the casket of somebody who has passed. So they have gone to the trouble of creating a directory of cemeteries where people can be buried with their pets. How cool is that? Yeah. Isn't

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