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All right. thank you for all for listing. Here i see where you have some. I just got back to the board and thank you so much for listening. But if you're you're a hanging here a little bit more. I want to just go through some some other topics because i saved Four you should maybe just talk about right now is if you don't think were being used abused folded schooled there. There is a danish newspaper that is revealing one of the largest studies or masks. And guess what. The new england journal journal american medical association. The lancet have rejected this study. Because they said it wasn't politically correct. Now where is all this stuff. We're going to follow the science. A large study out of a large dana. Study about people worry mass. They can't even get their research published because it's not politically correct and is being The journals one incident said can be perceived as being controversial. So you get these you get that. Now they want us to wear masks but you show a study that is opposite and that masters nothing for the general population and nothing for an individual a boat by himself out in the gulf of mexico wearing a mask is that's why they have instructions on shampoo bottles. I guess rejected by the lancet. New england journal american medical association. Jama it is controversial not following science in this case. Cdc is not following science. So let's say if these researchers involved in this study see what happens to this report on it. But it's reported in literature that this study and it size unique in the world and the purpose was once and for all to clarify the extent to which the use of mass in public space would provide protection against corona envir- corona infection. They can't get it published. They cannot get it published. Ladies and gentlemen in credible been physician for over fifty five years. I cannot believe what's happening to my country and my my profession.

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