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The history of the NFL don Shula has died at the age of ninety Steve summers follows baseball on WFAN at WFAN FM New York when we go to the sixth inning the Yankees of a seven to one lady thanks to Andy Pettitte mana Dechy Matsui and the **** to Victorino outside of one and give me the pitching lines now that is important but for those who who scored the game out where the pitch the Victorino this is a breaking ball strike federal Martinez went four innings four runs three hits five strikeouts two walks one hit batsman Chad Durbin won a third of an inning three runs two hits no strikeouts one walk the one one hi all first to share a near the stands with the balls in the stands one and two Susan zero who is fighting a you can see that but the only guy really in trouble with his monthly that's exactly right so short restaurant it's going okay on short rest one run on two hits through five innings John chamberlain warming up in the pan the ones who is low well the Yankees have the lead and they have a seven one lead and they know it then everyone in the stadium knows this so they have to figure how can they get the ball to Mariano in the eight yes it the two to swing on ground of phones items of Mariano is a a bad night yet be odd but well we as a band I think is a a bad night and that's the guy you want to get the ball to and the Yankees seven Tampa lead right now and those are the two pitchers that we thought we would see after paddock Java and more today to make that bridge to Mariana as the two to swing on the ground a short Jeter feels throws one way mirrors chase Utley who has grounded into a double play and struck out one out knowing on we are in the top of the six and credit deals breaking ball you may wonder well why would they have chain one up in the bullpen throwing when Andy is pitching brilliantly magus we got the same wars they used to say in my day the junior prom I mean you can't you can't have a big inning against you now give up a run or two okay the there's a strike so he runs into trouble he got chamberlain another renewal of someone else they can push anyone they want and then they have low at the eight AM John and enjoying he's been doing this all all World Series someone is up.

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