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It's a joy to be on your show again uh i wanna just make a correction i'm not to uh cosigning director of ham for victory there are many people using those words but this is the him for victory campaign twenty eight keen and as i mentioned before on uh your show we are trying to launch the economy and for those who haven't um listened previously we couldn't get visor during world war 2 so the us government launched a ham for victory campaign with the uh for each club seeds uh and they did hemp war corporation they got two thousand farmers growing have and then after the war this all sort of weight by the way site for both on monetary in politic go reasons and our goal with this twenty eight t campaign is to relaunch the economy and as you mentioned on your show every part of the plant is used and uh we'll put so many people to work and it will put farmers back to work and it will be the best plant for carbon soil sequestration on so what it likes to say is that the real goal of this campaign is to reintroduce the industrial have better than average agricultural crop in america and this will lead to a uh the development of a multi billion dollar us industry that will put a lot of people to work as they say but the problem right now is that hemp seeds are illegal we have to import on how silly is that political and consumer awareness as well so we are launching a national education campaign and letting people know that the us is steeped in hemp history from our first year flag to us for money the wagon trains with had covers it settled the us and this resilient and renewable resource was just it was once a staple crop okay and so now what we have done over the past year uh my uh partnering i michael bowman has pulled together associations foundations manufacturer's products developers retailers and most importantly farmers and during this time michael and his colleagues have worked with legislate tours across the us developing hemp legislation for the states that i still do not have it legal who's not it's it's crazy that it's it's still considered illegal in what makes this even more frustrating is that we know we know that europeans have.

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