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He had fiji he just needed a dasani water bottle bingo. Almost he was almost there two zero six nine eight four four fun or jj go at maximum fund dot. Org will be back in a second george jessica. Since don of time screenwriters have taken months to craft their stories but now three hollywood professionals shall attempt the impossible. Break a story in one hour. That's right on story brick. I pray on matt. Arnold and we'll campo secretive behind award. Winning shows like video game high school at one hour to turn a humble idea into an awesome movie. now awesome movie starts with an awesome title. I chose the billionaires marriage valley christmas pregnant paradise. Okay next we need a protagonist. So heard mario best described as libertarian. Of course every great movie needs a stellar pitch in order to get to heaven. Sometimes you got to raise a little hell story break every week on maximum fund dot org or wherever you get your podcasts Hey i'm jordan morris creator of the max fun. Scripted sci fi comedy podcast bubble. We just released a special episode of bubble to celebrate the launch of our new graphic novel at sf sketch. I in twenty nineteen. We recorded a live show with. Allison becker elisa skinner. Mike mitchell christel alonzo and special guests. Jean grey jonathan coulton jesse thorn nick wider and a bunch of other cool folks. We suspect he'll show signs of mutation when in a state of excitement now anti mashed with him on tinder so she's going to act as the honeypot and do enjoy being called a honeypot knows better than honey gravy. Can i be the gravy sack out now. On maximum fund dot org and wherever you get podcasts and pick up the graphic novel at your local bookstore today. It's jordan jesse. Go jesse thorn. America's radio sweetheart jordan morris boy detective. Hi i'm the lovely and talented merited salinger but you could come pinky potpie.

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