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She's smart at spotted. This big heard of elk with this big heard bowl and I remember. I knew hunter would be long before him and I just kept joking that that's going to be his bowl, and his name just slips near Albany. Probably come, but anyways would. He showed up the next day. I said. We're going for your bowl and. Make a long story short we went across the river, and we got into the Bush and got into the evening, and I started calling, and he was calling back, and it was just like you said like it was so thunderous that it was just rocking. Felt like he was right beside us, but he wasn't and. He made we call the bowl and get it on video. and. It was just your typical. I call it your TV type because it had the great big splits at the six, and it was just a beautiful beautiful bowl and I remember he didn't even take the Cape on that one. I was like I, pleaded with him to take it because it was probably one of the nicest picturesque bowls never guided for like. The big four point that went way up in the air and and I said I can't, but he just couldn't afford it, so he's like no I'm just doing warns mouth for it, and that's all ever wanted, and we kill bet on the first day of his hunt and then I. I tried to convince him to go for either mountain, goat or move after that, but he's like I can't afford it, so he literally for for seven-day honey. Late around, but I just remember it because the it. The Bowl was calling so loud that he felt like he was right beside you and I. Mean I have those stories. Probably the best hunting I ever was zarate zone of without a doubt the Elkin. Arizona second-to-none as far as size I. Remember doing a video in Arizona and in just in my view finder ahead five six point we'll alcs. Ones like in that you finer. That's how many I had and. The best. Probably I'll never experience hunting rezone ever again. It was incredible. Man You know. Talking about this stuff is like okay like September can come any. Time now you hear. The funny thing is guided for all these elk all over the world and I enjoy doing it's. It's an addiction for me. I've never shot an elk. Myself I've never been dronne. I've never had the opportunity because every for so much part of my life I was guiding elk in the prime time for everybody else and then when I quit. When I quit guiding and I moved to Regina and started working for the police service I just haven't had the time, but one of these days me and a good friend, of mine, Darren we're GONNA. Get drawn together and yet you and I'm I'M GONNA I'M GONNA. Get Myself I'm thinking I'm. Eight or nine years of what we call Sukree draw system here so okay. One of these years I'm going to get drawn and then I'm going to get a good one. How picky are you going to be? You know what? Here's the thing with me I. Don't put a tape on anything. I'm good I am a good estimator of the size when it comes to help, because I mean obviously I had to measure how many guys over the years so I you know three hundred point bull for me. Would be fine as long as I don't want. I don't want a small split on my like a small little split on my six point I i. do want a good bowl, but. I'm not picking it all. Yeah. That's a beauty. Yeah the splits big, but he's got big fours. And in really Nice

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