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Night for the republicans they are celebrating victories by karen handel in the special election for the vacant georgia congressional seat it was the most expensive congressional race ever at fifty million dollars handle finishes almost four percentage points ahead of democrat jon ossoff in a race seen by many as a referendum on the trump administration reporter john lewis was at handles election night headquarter karen handel thanked her opponents a little while ago i had the opportunity to speak with jon ossoff he was more than gracious any thank me for a spirited campaign she also thank georges go opener eats two senators then someone else and a special thanks see the president john lewis four cbs news atlanta republican also won a special election to fill a vacant house seat in south carolina reaction now from arbor wbz virtual political roundtable analysis from democrat marianne marsh and republic in gene heart again gene your thoughts on the results support special election that the democrats had a shot at this one in georgia was one that they really felt they could win lakewood pull but republicans turned out and stayed with their guy stayed with donald trump and volpi candidates whether they liked it or not recognize representing the national party marianne what does this say about the democrats of possibilities in the midterms actually think it bode well for democrats limit hurt because i don't think we're anywhere near it day for democrats to win like that in georgia me with that says if you're a republican member congress in a district that hillary clinton won in 2016 and they're twenty three of them democrats have a great shot at winning them because they're in places like florida and california and new york in new jersey and pennsylvania those replacer democrats win and win a lot regularly and this morning congressman seth molten tweets that the georgia result had better be a wakeup call for democrats wbz news time nine thirty three which act traffic and.

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