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Point lead. Perdue missed a shot with six seconds to go rebound. Kyle guy made a couple of free throws Berta with a chance for getting it in in the backcourt flips it in Edwards Edwards races. Up ahead. Pass this often he tried to get into. Edwards is down on his knees. He cannot believe that his past was off target hit finds hands. But that was the mistake of Carson Edwards one point eight hundred over junior basketball, brand it was right? It was a it was a pass that was leading leading about balance. Yeah. And it will type Virginia wasn't gonna foul because they were up three but Carson Edwards along pad. Yeah. It was on the outside tough to catchy. Hey clark. Made a couple of free throws to ice it Virginia and get what's been a long time gum and Tony Bennett. Perdue inbounds it. Carson Edwards won't even put up a shot. The Cavaliers have broken. Channel four they hit a buzzer. Beater and regulation with mama. DD akitas senate's over time. And then they get the victory over do eighty to seventy five after so many encounters with tournament heartache most notably last year. Shocking. Lost a UNBC, Tony Bennett and company have reached college basketball's pentacle Manny joins with his father. Dick Bennett who did it at Wisconsin. Coach, John, Dobson and John. Optional third is the only pair of father son duos to make final fours. Dick johnson. Tony at Virginia and Fran who they both beat to get there. They both beat Purdue. Unfortunately for a boilermaker fans, the Bennett family, not they're not going to be a well thought of in Westwood, no. And I'll tell you this too. We heard from Tony Bennett after the game that I'm comfortable with whatever happens. I know we've done a good job. There's this perception that it's been so long three years at Washington state. He had them in the Sweet Sixteen in your two. That's on. Heard of. Yes. And the first four years at Virginia they made one tournament is six years since they've been a one seed four out of those six years with four ACC title offense. They can't win in March. Yeah. It was pretty good tonight. Yeah. Yes. It was eighty to seventy five on the other side. Matt painter was two tenths of a second away. Maybe a made free throw away from earning his first ever trip to the final four and the first reproduced nineteen eighty. Instead, he's on the losing enemy talked with CBS, and and Allie Laforce after the game coach that had to be one of the most difficult moments you've ever experienced in your life. What was the moment like with your team after the game? And what did you tell them? What was hard? We had two seniors that you know. Great this year, great leadership hung in there. Played hard at everything that we asked him. You know, Carson Edwards gives an unbelievable effort. You know, so difficult. We got fortunate bounce their regulation with the Bank didn't three and got a little momentum there and then got him. I don't think they were trying to miss that. Last free throw them for them to not get shot in regulation. Just trying to pick your team up. You know, trying to get some energy to go in to overtime in Virginia was able to make it up more plays than us and win the game. We talked a lot about this this week. You lost four seniors. You were six and five point a lot of people. People. Counted you out you made the statement that a lot of people talked about what you lost. What you had what do you to say about what you had? And what these guys gave? Well, those guys were great. You know, we had some freshmen tonight that came off the bench and just a really good thing. But the guys who started force that came off the bench last year really stepped up at white. Well, but you know, it's tough, you know, just like it could win either way with us in Tennessee. And we got some breaks and Virginia stepped up made some plays overtime and. Stinks to lose. But solution to a class guy. Like, Tony Bennett Virginia, you know, we wish him well in the final affects. Thank you so much for your time. Thank you, Dr classy, and composed.

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