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But you'll have to let me explain to you. Why don't think that that horse cheetah thirty seconds, say thirty seconds. That's all I got. Okay. It was a bigger horse as the younger horse. It is the champion and he did win by two yards two horse rents and he should have one that's supposed to win. But there's more stuff that went on. But anyway, he's a big horse in the smaller horses. Started try to catch up with him. He had run in front even more. So to to to you know, that was a strategy still win the race. And he was way ahead. Anyway, when they turned the corner they're allowed to switch lanes. They can't switch lanes with. And so he he he led the Braves the whole way, you know, even the president takes the this horse should have one. Situation virtually really was I feel bad about all right? What do you think you'll agree with me? No. Well, maybe I'll talk you into it. Okay. Into it when I'll review the raise in tuck to me another time. Okay. I saw the replay of it. Okay. I wish you the best Bradley. Thank you. Yes. I'll go watch it again. I don't know why she laughed at me to see in the replay. I mean like. Who am I going? How could anyone not watch the Kentucky Derby, but I saw the key part? Let's talk let's wrap it up with Mike t some late, Mike you. Bradley, l I'll be quick who is the racist over the race is all the more portly. What goes better with a sale in a bag of chips? Correct. In the good old days back in the good old days. We used to walk down the hall and buy a bag of chips are the vending machine for my mutual friend, fill the candy, man. All right. You remember, Phil? Yeah. He's the guy he actually operates the machine here that we use. I is he still the I thought he left after your move. I don't think. So I think he's still there still so and and your favorite I'm gonna tell anybody your favorite is the peanut butter. Crack is back in the day. Still is. Yep. God bless you, Bradley, but I still can't decide over whether to give the wicked Arendt's peanut butter crackers or the kind of around peanut butter crackers. I don't know maybe they're exactly the same. Interestingly enough to round peanut butter crackers have just switched their now square. So they're Brown and squid just so, you know, so those used to be the round one, correct? And now with everybody know good to know, I'm going to have to revise thoughts on that. Thank you. Thank you. We'll get some sleep valley. Thank you very much. Well. Cracks is kind out of my my budget range. Because if I would be the best most luxurious thing I had today again. And I realized that I'm kind of. Being bragging about how awful what I hate. Today was started out with sardines, then for snack price cake with mustard on it. And some rolled oats in a Cup of water. Oh, I did have a sushi Machi role with the salmon. So I had to say. Servings of fish, so rice cakes? I didn't drink anything. That's all right sandwich. I'm kind of jealous of those kids. Get no sandwiches time there Warwick, Rhode Island. Let's take that break j it's WBZ.

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