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Well it is the end of the earth or so feels like for luger here when he's Quickly going to move to the backseat. Yoko and take her sort of married here. And it's going to be fighting. The on americans and the taker yoko program gets real hot and now there's a bunch of cheers for bret hart. It feels like brett is firmly in the catbird seat to be the next big star. It's not going to be lex luger as the next hulk hogan windy. You remember that. Sorta settling in on. Not just vince. But the rest of the office because it does feel like we're looking for our next hogan and and we're not sure the lex can be the gob we're giving it the. Oh the oh college trough but then sort of reemerges as now. It's it's still brad. It's going to be brad. And it was a stop. And start for brent. They had tried this before. And yoko beat him and hogan came back. And we've covered that with wrestlemainia nine but now it feels like okay. We've come to our senses. It really is brad. Do you remember there being a moment time when that happened one moment no i know it would have been after summer slam. Probably was before summer slam caused it. The commitment have been made conrad to go with lex it would have been that would have that. We that would have been a decision would have been made prior to summer slam whether you're going to have the match the title. Yeah and yoko and lex. So i'm saying that sometime that summer after the intrepid before august Ensure came back with a guilty verdict. We're not gonna we're not gonna go there and again And i and i applaud pat. you know. The pat was the vo tae of breasts. A lot of us were a lot of guys are kind of older. School believed in brush working ability. The fact that he was he didn't hurt people as i said earlier in the fact that he was dirt. Durable fundamentally sound and and he was not a spot oriented guy he was arrested and that's why he got over and we're still talking about it now because he can do a hurricane rana and south assassin ahead but just the fact that rhett was that good and i think it's just unfortunate that he was never given until later on the credit that he deserved for being arguably the best in the world. There was a time there where you know. Well it's always. It's always sean. It's always this guy. This red heart guy. I wouldn't want to leave him out of any discussion. Who's one of the best workers ever. That would make no sense to me. So i think that somewhere along that summer was discovered or realized whatever that Lex is not going to be the answer unfortunately and But you know it sounds kind of guys say well. We spent all this money on conrad. We've got to continue on. the course. mcmahon is big about cutting us losses. He's off something he's also. I can take him experience so And he doesn't need a specific reason this a gut feeling and he'd always say he's told this meet my trackers good. Jr trackers pretty good and it is look where you are in the market share globally. It's not just like you run. Your little northeast territory right. You're the the world is your territory. So i think you've done pretty well. You're with your tracker. Well the royal rumble. It's a well remembered for the double finish. You know you've got luger and brad touching the same time scott to be A little nerve wracking from a production standpoint but they pull it off. What did you think of the finnish. Two guys types in the floor at the same time. This is the first time that has happened in the rumble. that was patterson finish and You know you can. You can make an argument. That may have been the argument that patterson gave dance. Who may have said well. Let's let's give luger one more try. That could have happened and pat says best. You know it's not gonna work. We've done everything we can form And been bradshaw guy and they come up with a finish for bread and lex. Both get spotlight. I didn't. I liked the finish quite frankly because it was different. We've always said here on the show wrestling fan slow things that are new and unique innovative and i look at that finish as just that very innovative and it kept the story alive to where you left the air with more questions than answers and i always think that's a good for i. Love the idea and ultimately does feel like. Hey this could be lugar's chance of course wrestlemania. Ten as we discussed he comes up short again. It's brands night. And he's not going to be the world champion here or anytime in the wwf after wrestlemania ten. He's off to feud with mr perfect again but it starts to feel like he's floundering a little bit. He's floating through the mid card with the likes of crush into talka- not to disparage those guys to say it felt like once upon a time he was going to be the world champ after wrestlemainia. Ten is it fair to say that. luger's characters just sort of going through the motions here in the wwf Well the lack of a better fresh probably going through the motions also signifies. Somebody's not pronounced any effort. They're not doing anything extra to get over. I'm not so sure. It was that extreme but for simplicity. He relax read the handwriting on the wall. I say his gold will be the champion was On in chicago summer slam. You tell us beautiful story you get there and you Nothing there's no climax made you know. I'm not going to detail analogy but nonetheless It just there's no payoff and the fans felt let down and then they felt that will. He's not our guy..

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