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Out cover. Yeah so this is the first book of a series and this is one of the questions that my my girlfriend asked me to confirm his second book. It is holiday. Yeah it was picked up in a two book contract. And yeah there i actually. I have finished the second book. It's with my editor right now. I'm going to start on revisions here soon. But yeah there will be more more zinni. Did you write both at the same time. You right the right one. I start on the second. I wrote when i and i actually sold tokyo after like on a parcel so it wasn't even a full manuscript. Who is like ten chapters of the book and then it was bought. And i was like terrified because i was like. Oh my god actually write it. So that was slightly terrifying. So it's all they took you ever after sold like two years ago. A lot of people are always surprised when you sell a bucket doesn't automatically publish it takes yard to in production everything And then so right. After i finished writing took you over. After i a- i started the second book and i turned it actually the day before took over after published. I i kinda got it by my teeth. Yeah so. I like my question. Is you mentioned like going to japan after The pandemic kind of settles down on. What is something that you want to do in japan. like what. What are your dream activities. Yeah i mean. I guess the question is like what is something. I don't wanna do when. I want to visit all of the imperial sites that i wrote about as close as i can get to them which might actually get kicked out of japan if they're trying to get too close but I i wanna see everything what feels the most important and the most emotional is that we recently found out that there was some land inherited By my dad and his siblings that was passed down According to heritage laws in japan from his great grandmother that's in fukushima and so were going to go try to see if we can find that land. I'm hoping i'm hoping to kind of be contact. Historian or register. See if we can. We can kind of out that information but that seems so finding also a little bit like a treasure hunt which is always exciting to that sounds amazing. I haven't done any hair travel but it sounds great that you'll have like some purpose in your visit to the distance. All the fun stuff. You'll do fun stuff there. So there's so much i mean. Yeah i'm i'm just right now like narrowing down itinerary in how long we wanna see in tokyo and then where else we want to visit. What were there and just trying to figure out you know where. It's not only my dad in either going. It's my to may three siblings. So we're gonna we're gonna go and heavy well. Michael thank you so much for joining us on books and but it was such a pleasure talking to you. Thank you so much for writing such a great book and looking forward to. We're all looking forward to the conclusion of zuma's adventures Took you ever after is available. Now booksellers everywhere. So if if i'm listening to us talk got new excited about go. Check it out But thank you so much for joining us thinking. Where can our listeners. Fine to you by the way. Oh yeah thanks for asking. So i'm on instagram. At emiko gene books and my website is because he dot com might be any codeine books dot com. I'm pretty sure it's because gene dot com and i'm also on facebook Books so any of those places. Thank you so much thank you. And that was our interview with emiko gene. The author of took after available source everywhere man. I'm looking forward to that second book. I'm glad it i. can you turn it in. So it's coming up in about a year or two in publishing schedule a year from now a year. I like i find it really funny about your girlfriend was just like hey. So that's mine right. Talk with your copy of tokyo ever after. Currently i didn't redefine pret loonie Declaring relationship apparently everything. Onus wants to her now i mean. That's how relationships that was the only one who was unaware well Don't forget that are july. Twenty twenty one bucks symbol but club pick is an ocean of minutes by the limb is a scifi novel about time travel at capitalism And we'll be discussing that look at the end of the month but until then Thanks for listening to book some boba and interview emiko gene We'll see next tech by. Everyone thinks we're listening to books and bulla. This podcast was hosted by marvin. Your and we were. You edited introduced her. Marvin you follow the book club on twitter and instagram. By going to ac books and over and engage with us on good rates on our school you can also check a past episodes of the podcast by going to simple dot com and by subscribing to us on your favorite podcast app. Don't forget you can support. Looks boba an asian american authors by purchasing books at our shop dot org count check out the link in our show notes and also epoch. 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