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The live video feed to. It's the job, Paige. So glad to have you here. We're glad to have this guy on this team has been Zeiss Love. He is a good reporter, a great correspondent for with campus reform that Orig based in Pennsylvania. Then how are you? Do hurry. I'm living the dream. Glad to have you on the program today. We love getting together with you guys. Young journalists who really know what you're doing. You're going to tell the truth. Gonna report facts and not give you not give us some opinion. Editorial ization inside of these pieces. That's why I go to campus Reformed out or just about every day to find out what the story is. I like to start out. We're just finding out where you are in school. What do you Ah, Junior? I don't think I know what you're hearing what you're you in Virginia University, Pennsylvania's Wharton School. Yes. Are you going there or you're doing it for home? I'm currently off campus in Philadelphia. What do you think of that? Maybe you're young happening. Guy. You wanna go meet people, don't you? You do You want to go back to school? Yes, certainly it would be good to be in class. It's it's getting better to engage the assume. But I certainly prefer the in classical man. I can't imagine when I was in college last I was in college was 1985. I know Ben. I'm old, but I can't imagine not physically getting in the car going to class mingling with people learning some stuff. Hands on things. But you know, you started to get some pushback. What are you hearing from your contemporaries. First of all on this, you know, off campus, learning through zoom and whatever else and what the professor's saying cause another in actual public schools. The teachers seem Wanna not go back to class. What a professor's saying that they want to go back to you. Do you know His heart's held. One of the professors have certainly upset that. We don't know the same gauge their students, I think most is to want to go back. Probably upwards of 80% want to go back to class the film This is a pretty small vocal minority of students who will shout you down information anything about, you know. Pushing back against the code narrative or everyone's gonna die. Most people professor and students, at least this school are interested in going back to class. What are you hearing from your contemporaries Get. It's been Zeiss Love. He's a correspondent from campus Reformed out or what do you hearing from your classmates when it comes to the makeup of the house, the Senate the executive, I mean, he's already apprehensive. Is it more of a liberal school? What do you finding in your conversations with your friends? It is certainly more a little little school. So you have a last students here, rather excited about the prospect of free health care and all sorts of other far left agenda is being pushed in the house. The Senate in certain that I've been hearing that you'll want the sentence be more aggressive. That bind hasn't been enough already. Well, here's we've got enough already. Really into 14 or 17. Executive orders Day one. He killed a bunch of jobs all the abortions you want anytime you want him, so I'm not really sure what else he could do to be even more progressive. But I guess people your age, not you. But generally speaking, they've been indoctrinated by these very very liberal professors and by social media and the media. They really believe this stuff, don't they? Absolutely yesterday? Very passionately to do you argue with him a lot. I mean, is there a lot of back and forth and you're not so much? There's a pretty small book minority of conservatives on this campus, so we do what we can. It's hard to push back constant. Honestly, it's it's honestly It's a waste of time because we do have our own classes to focus on and we can't spend all day owning the lives so to speak. Critical race theory. Let's get into these stories. You could find it. Campus Reformed order right now. Critical race theory is the theory that if you're white, you're bad. White privilege. White supremacy white, white, white, white. And the fact is, if you should, as your white walk around with a certain level of guilt, and you should apologize. Everybody else. I mean, did it In a nutshell, it van. Is that what this is? Pretty much Yes, he did. Okay, so so critical Race theory was on campus. Already the president event, President Trump tried to stop it and let's tell the truth and stop attacking people on their race. But now you're saying is moving to your favorite online distributor of films, huh? It is yes. Critical Race theory is moved to Netflix. You have yes. Go ahead. What do you more about it? Sure, Yes. So even candy of Boston Diversity who who has started and runs the center fantasies research through his books to be adapted to film and they're gonna be streaming on Netflix right into your living room. CEO of stands for the beginning one into which are all about how America is founded on racism isn't is a racist nation And then you have something called anti races Baby, which is a kid's book that's being turned into music videos for toddlers. So it's Zach. You know, from adults of youngest agent you're gonna see some critical race theory in your living room. This, uh, coming in next few months. Anti Racists, baby is for toddlers. It is. Yes, we've seen stuff coming from campuses. That air pushed towards kid 0 to 4 is young this year to four CS and this baby is a kid's book. The 16 19 project has been debunked. It's fake. It's made up. It's not true. You'll get the 16 20 book debunks it. The 17 76, You know papers that were put out by the Trump Administration completely debunks it. I'm not. I am not that adept at critical race theory. I'm guessing you know more about it than I do. And I'm probably gonna watch his Netflix show so I can make fun of them and they talk about him on my radio show. But But has this been debunked is what they're saying, even true at all. Is there any truth to it? Or is this another one of those things that we're going to convince another generation that white people are bad and everybody else are good? Hmm. It has been thoroughly debunked, eh? So, as you mentioned President Trump was pushing executive order before he left office, essentially banning the practice from, uh, races, accepting discrimination from the federal departments Because what you see is this ideology and pushed on people who don't want to push on them and actually encourages hatred encourages the view that all white people are bad. All men are bad. On bear Seeing a lot of pushback. We're seeing leading think tanks like the National Association of Scholars Publishing article after article debunking it, and it's been thoroughly refuted..

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