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Washington's football team, the Detroit Lions. Now he hosts morning drive in Detroit on the ticket along with Stony who actually went to college with my mother, as I've been told throughout the years anyway, though, John Jansen is here with us to talk about the disgraceful Detroit Lions and the joke of a football team. That he loves in the Michigan Wolverines right now. John Jansen, how you been? Good evening, Zach. How you doing? I'm doing all right. You know what? You want to know why I respect you greatly. Like that, other than the fact that you're very talented and you're great at what you do. I saw a photo over the weekend through thick and thin. You're supporting your football team, The Michigan Wolverines. You went to that game against Penn State. Over the weekend. I did. I was actually this would be probably a shocked It was a shock to me. I was sitting there as the only fan in the stands. I was one person in 100 and 11,000 seat stadium. And I still didn't win Fan of the game way. The designated driver at least trust me. I couldn't use the whole lot of adult beverages watching that game on Saturday. So other than you being yourself, Is there a story how you were the one fan there this past weekend. Well, no. I mean, not really. I do the pregame show leading up to it that he appeared or Jim Branstad or do the play by play of color. So I get a chance to just sit there and watch the game. So I thought, you know what? I'm gonna pick. The best seat in the house I was about 15 rose up on the 50 yard line. Had a great view is a beautiful day in Ann Arbor. Um, like I said, it was. It was beautiful, except for the performance on the football field. John Jansen here with us. So Michigan, Harper has done some good things there. But you still have this feeling of disappointment. We know they never defeated Ohio State. They never won a big 10 championship with them, And obviously they've ever been to a college football playoff. It seems as if it's time a few weeks ago. I probably say he's back next year. Who knows if he wants to stay? If I'm the university, I think about and I move on from at the end of the year. Where do you stand on that? Well, it'll be interesting to see what Ward manual the athletic director does because Michigan has never obviously fired coach in the middle of the season. Don't wait to the end of the year and then they'll take, you know, stock of everything that a college coach is supposed to do and see where Jim stacks up. I could tell you right now in regards to off the field problems and how he's dealt with them. He's done a great job in terms of getting guys to graduate and you know, emphasizing the importance of getting a college education and supporting them and in that process He's done an outstanding job. You know, you look at his record and you know a couple of 10 win season. The nine win season is worst with eight wins. Obviously, this year is nowhere near that. But you meant you mentioned it already. He hasn't beaten Ohio State. He's 500 against the in state rival Michigan State, Spartans and his record against top 10 opponents or as an underdog is less than desirable. So It's really going to come down to what Wart manual and the region's believe is. You know is acceptable. What? How do you weigh one with the academic Because this is a student athletes is that professional sports? How do you weigh that with? Not as many wins, as you'd like to see. Saying Jim Harbaugh what? You're paying him. What does your gut tell you Right now? You see on the Michigan sidelines next year. Gosh, you know when I go back and forth and Um, you know, some days I wake up and I think yeah, he's back. Other days. I wake up, but I don't see how it's possibly. You know, how could it could possibly be that way? And I think the one caveat that You and I don't necessarily know all of the details, and there's really only a couple of people in this world that do is what's it going to cost to change coaching staffs? Because In my estimation you're looking at probably Somewhere between 20 and $25 Million with Jim are by having another year on his contract with the assistant coaches, Then you've got to attract another coach. You've got to hire a new Instead of assistant coaches in if there's anything you're doing in the building with the weather, so the weight room and the support staff that's a price tag. That in the middle of a pandemic, I don't care who you are. If you're Michigan if you're Ohio State of your Alabama if your U. S. C When you're running 100 and $20 million deficit. How do you reconcile that price tag and Maybe there's ways that they could defer the cost. What it is that something that I don't know what that price tag is, and I don't know what's going to go into making that decision. John Jansen, if it was up to him, do you think he sees the writing on the wall? And how this isn't gonna end up successful format Michigan and goes back to the NFL? Or does this eat at him so much? Because you get it? Hey, it's your school. You don't want to leave on bad terms. You don't wanna leave as a disappointment. That maybe you stick it out, and you want to see this thing through I think if it's off the Jim Harbaugh, he's gonna be back..

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