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Maybe they just didn't get along with our very as well as Martine Mars seems pretty close with them. So I think that's basically it. Yeah. We had Ryan and Joey Ryan is telling Joey. Think we made a mistake. I feel like maybe shouldn't a nominated you maybe should nominated low low. I don't know about this like, yeah. Didn't you see my face before? I knew this. This was going to be a mistake. Because here's the thing. Ryan heard Kato telling Lolo after the veto ceremony. It worked perfectly. I don't know. I feel like that. Maybe isn't a great sign. Maybe I don't know. What do you think? If I was Joey I would just walk out of the room. You know, what I'm done with you plan the block, and you've gotta go talk to someone else. I don't wanna hear this. Yes. Tom Cato also have a conversation about well. Right. Dumb for putting Joey on the buck. What a strategic error. Says one point he does consider. Okay. So we know that DNA wants to Jonathan to stay maybe we should just take out Joey instead of Jonathan there one in the same. They're all allies. We can maybe appease DNA, if we do that it's an idea that they considered, but ultimately wasn't really explored too much. And then they also talk about how Ricky seems to be for the most part by himself. He somebody that they can potentially work with trying to protect a little bit. And then candy as well as someone that that they can potentially pull in. So really liking what Tom is doing here in the way that he's thinking about things, he's definitely he's the most. So Ricky is the most effective person in this house so far that I've seen in that he is doing things that are causing things to happen and positioning himself. Well, Tom is the person? That's seems the most cerebral in that he can see what's happening the most and. Understands what he needs to do to to make it work for him. So I really looking at the two of them here as as some big threats here at the at the start of the game. Yeah. I mean as long as people don't figure Tom out. But I think they I mean, he's already up on the block for a reason. I think they are seeing him as a smart player. He's just benefited by the fact that he's got several people working for him. And he's making really good alliances or really good bonds should say, yeah. I mean, I think that Tom is the kind of person where if this week had been a normal non weird week than he probably would have just been snuffed out in in the first week. He would have been a target. There would have been one at one veto competition. It wouldn't have been used. Tom would have been voted out over mooch and would have been the end of things, but he got a second wind much like our recent survivor winner. And now now be thanks to Ricky and Tom's zone. You know, maneuverings I think he is in one of the best positions in the house and people are not looking at him anymore because they're focused on each other. Because they can't communicate almost like, and this is probably the mentioned before. But in a lot of these games, especially big brother, though, if you're on the block the first week, and you stay that's probably one of the best positions. You can be in and out. I mean, it's terrifying for that first week, but the payoff might be worth the risk in the long run. Yeah. So we then have Jonathan and Ricky Jonathan is going to campaign for Ricky's vote. He says, hey, your vote might be the deciding factor, I need you. And here's the thing. If you vote with me, you helped me stay then you'll have myself, Joey and Ryan all working to protect you basically just calling out his own alliance. These men are going to continue to campaign to Ricky and just pump him full of all of their worst information..

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