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He had him in some difficulty and was ahead. But who is Ortiz ever beaten? So to me, the fight and if wilder had decided to take a long, even longer off, I would have understood. But while we're coming off that fury fight, to me, Andy Ruiz was the fight to make, because you know, like you said about Canelo crazy, water wants to be in there and God bless him for the attitude he has. He's one of the guys that wants to make the big fights. And he's looking to fight the big guys. If you wanted to get one of those fights again, Andy Ruiz was the fight to make, in my opinion, hellenes just didn't have the name power, but I don't know what the PVC, I guess, was trying to milk every single last thing they could get out of Ortiz. And what do they do? They did a dud of a pay per view, and it actually Andy didn't look great in that fight, right? If Andy blows them on and puts them down and puts his arms up in the air while Ortiz is rolling around on the canvas. That's one thing. But he's very tentative in the fight. Knocked Ortiz down a few times, but I don't know if the punch resistance is there for Andy Ruiz like it used to be. I mean, he took that shot from Anthony Joshua, got up, came back, knocked him out. But you look at the aerial waters, a totally different areola knocked him down. I think he was a little bit nervous about Ortiz in that fight in his power, wilder. I mean, we could catch wilder. He's got good hands. That's what makes the fight interesting. That's what makes life. But I tried to look at other fights, Chris and say, so I brought Joe Joyce up. Because think about Joe Joyce to me, he reminds me of a poor man's George Foreman. Big, strong, relentless. Kind of slow, but he moves forward and he can take a shot. And you would see George come out of those fights, you know, 93, 94, 95, he's wearing the sunglasses. His face got beat up, but somebody who babbling incoherently in the corner because he knocked the hell out of him. And I think that that sort of Joe in a lower level reminds me of that. So you're going to tell me Deontay water versus Joe Joyce would not be an unbelievable fight to watch. You know, just from a fan's perspective, it wouldn't be a fun fight. You know somebody's going to get knocked out. You know it's going to be rock and socks and robots. And so that's kind of what I try to do is I went on that list and I had to hit some of the obvious

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