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Great news from thailand today members of the wild board soccer team are safe the twelve boys in their soccer coach have all been freed from cave complex where they've been trap since june twenty third they're seventeen day ordeal is now over the bbc's dan johnson is in thailand outside the cave and dan there must be enormous relief there as the diving mission comes to an end the relief has absolutely washed across everyone here who's been waiting for news the tension of the last two weeks all the stress that's built when it was all broken away in last as these i'm violences pulled away from the entrance to the cave with their lights flashing each one a signal that another boy was on his way to hospital the of the boys was safe when the thirteenth left we knew the whole group of being brought out alive and safe and they were on their way to hospital to be checked tova to be treated unto begin recovering from this bizarre ordeal that they have endured for seventeen eighteen days now this is gone on on and it looked at different stages like it may not have the happy conclusion that we're now able to report so that's relief there is joy there is celebration hit the rescue workers the volunteers still leaving the cave and that cheering as they do it and what an they say is what a great team effort to put together this rescue plan to carry it out to bring those thirteen people to the surface alive do you know how they manage to accomplish this as you said it was a real team effort getting all the boys and the coach out safely within just a matter of a few days i think it'll take some time to get a full appreciation of exactly how this was done the story will be told and retold i'm sure the remorse of the dive team coming out now you may be able to celebrations people cheering because they know what a difficult task this was what complex rescue mission the challenge was immense the conditions were so tough this puzzle absolutely impossible to solve whichever way they looked at getting those boys out there was danger that would downsides there were difficulties in reasons why would not succeed they settled on this planet of teaching the boys to scuba dive so that they could be taken out out through the water through the flooded caves to the entrance to safety but that is an amazing achievement in just a few days to have taught some of these boys who couldn't even swim to carry out one of the most complex dives in the difficult world of cave diving when none of them even won't scuba diving equipment before is an achievement that cannot be overstated really it's a fantastic team effort it's an achievement of human endeavor over the numerous challenges that nature just seem to keep laying down in the face of this rescue team but that determination that skill that hard work on the strength of those boys as all paid off with from tustin result today just a ration of how dangerous the mission was there was a tight navy seal diver who died during the rescue the only casualty as for the boys as for their coach they are in the hospital as you said to what is the word on their health well let's spare moment for the family of someone guman he's a full matai navy daiva who came back here volunteered his services because he knew he had the skills only thirty eight years old but he was positively supplying this rescue operation bringing fresh at times to the cave where the boys were stranded and he lost his life returning from the cave that's how difficult this was the boys themselves all in hospital now all getting treatment and we had today from medics who caring for the state that were rescued over the last two days giving what they've been remarkably well they're not really nice elation the boys families have seen them but they haven't been able to be physically reunited they haven't had that embrace not hope that presumably they would have been absolutely dying for over the last eighteen days but that will come hopefully soon and then the rest of their recovery they're expected to spend at least a week in hospital and who knows how much long it will take for them to get over this but at the moment the focus is on the celebration and the respect for everyone involved in the rescue operation brought him out safely bbc's johnson in thailand outside the key for all twelve boys.

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