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Chains testing out dunkin donuts says the menus paired with signature beverages and is designed as an afternoon snack the test will gather feedback from customers and employees to help determine whether to sell the items nationally a new warts and all documentary about elvis presley is coming to hbo ex wife priscilla presley's has the dock doesn't shy away from his drug use i don't think anyone who's on drugs think they're addicted and they can get off very quickly or just get off of the pills it was it was not it was a part of his life really she says things were different back then and eldest trusted in his thank you for listening to the ap radio network hey did you know that the associated press produces news related books the latest installment is i cut i fat brings key moments in presidential pet district to life through the vast ap photo collection highlights include checkers the dog that was a focal point of nixon's nineteen fifty two checkers speech and the clintons beloved cat socks ipad is perfect for animal lovers and history buffs of all ages i pet is available on kindle nook and i book ap radio news i'm jacky quin president trump rift into federal prosecutors the special counsel the attorney general and those who authorized or raid on his personal attorney's office he called it a witch hunt and says he's getting targeted but hillary clinton wasn't only keep looking at us so they find no collusion and then they go from there and they say well let's keep going and they rated office of a personal attorney early in the morning and i think it's a disgrace trump's attorney michael cohen admitted to paying off porn actress stormy daniels democratic senator richard blumenthal says the seizure of files changes the picture of the special counsel investigation multiple layers within the department of justice at the highest levels by the professional staff finding that there is very good cause to think crimes have been committed and.

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