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Peter Cliff. No doubt was following the progressive the murders that we have received a lot of press and television coverage at the time and quite cunningly sought at vary his method of attack to frustrate the police really so although there were similarities in most murders there were differences to frustrate the police even further partway through the inquiry. The police started to receive whether address to the assistant. Chief Constable George Oldfield letters purporting to be from the orchard ripper. An eventually tape recordings were sent on the tapes. He was toned in the place saying that they weren't very good at the jobs and the boys will let him down and clearly on the tape. The voice that was heard was not of a West Yorkshire accent. Whatever Georgia accent? The North East of England. Recall this very well. Because in the late seventies I was a serving officer and when you went onto the CAD. You had to go on a training course. And I went to. They won which was at that time in Wakefield clearly in the West Yorkshire area where all these attacks were taking place George L. Field under their offices gave lectures to the students of which hours one way played the tape and it was clearly geordie accent and he told us that time that he believed quite firmly that the first nude written letters sent the tape was the Yorkshire Ripper as result of his conclusions and other senior officers involved from there on after two. They decided that could eliminate any suspects by the mere fact they didn't have a Geordie accent and sadly this was a a drastic mistake. Because as we know the Yorkshire ripper lived in West Yorkshire in hot a West Yorkshire accent so the latter's and I think they were three letters and one tape there were hoax and that hoax became known as wayside. Jack yes it was a many years later in the actual author of the letters and the tape was actually arrested. Wasn't it that's right. His name was John Samuel Humble and he was arrested in two thousand and five after a fragment of one of the envelopes in which one of the latter's was was mailed to West Yorkshire Police and they extracted the DNA and it was identified that the DNA was from John Samuel Humble he was subsequently arrested and charged with four cancer of perverting the course of justice and subsequently he that he had sent the letters and the tape and he was sentenced to eight years in prison. Predispo- cliff was arrested on the second of January nineteen eighty-one in the Sheffield area. He was observed by a sergeant and a young constable to be innovative medical late at night in a known prostitute area. The sergeant was school in the young copper in the ways of police in and they just happened to pass by this vehicle was suspicious and checks on. It decided that the vehicle possibly was stolen which resulted N. P. to soak cliff being arrested and detained at that time and subsequently the inquiry developed any was found out to be the auction ripper which resulted in his appearance at court. So what's actually happened to? Were Peter Sutcliffe. In one thousand nine hundred one well. He was sent for trial. He pleaded not guilty to thirty murders and seven attempt murders and that was on the grounds of diminished responsibility. In Layman's terms. That means that it was suffering from an abnormality of Mental Fulton. Shinhan in other words didn't really know what it was doing The jewelry weren't convinced by that defense to these heinous crimes and they found him guilty. He was subsequently sentenced to twenty life sentences that was made into a whole life order back in twenty ten and that basically means life means life and he remains in prison today so in this episode where only rarely looking at p. two so cliff in relation to the Wendy Sewell Murder. But just on that broad brush of his offenses. I think there are other episodes which we could do in relation to P to so cliff and the his life crimes. Yes I think the Yorkshire Ripper. Inquiry with cliff is is massive. I mean five years. Thirty murders seven attempted murders and as we have learned. This probably many more crimes. He hasn't been convicted of. I think we in the future. We ought to have a look at this and compiling investigational of our own. Do you think I think it certainly it. Certainly worthy of some indepth revere but for this purpose of our Podcast today we're going to look at the suspected connection of the orchestra with Wendy Sewell. Aren't we saw and to that end? Who Do we need to talk to? I think I don't know Chris Clark and Tim Tate. Maximum enquiries and safe we can Have talked to them. And if they will help us with our investigations into the Wendy soul murder and see.

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