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A rule rule is this I do not get on the Internet I do not get online I do not trust the news I do not. The only thing I'm allowed to check before I. Go to my desk is the weather. The weather. In because it messes with me, there's no way to look at these headlines and over these last few months and this down in get into a mindset to create there's just no way to do it. So I had to relieve eastern strict with myself ago. Have you made pages today than you cannot get online know took the news. You just can't a it's because it's twenty, four, seven, three, sixty, five I mean amid never stops thanks to the Internet. There's always news and thanks to six to or global news. There's always something wrong somewhere. It's it's insane, you. Can't touch a break even when things were normal, it's hard. But during this absolutely, not just just say stay off of the same way from it there's nothing I can do it doesn't. If I had a regular job, this support, my family, my job supports my entire Obama. As my for my daughter to go to college the whole thing if I had a regular job, I wouldn't get on the news and let that stop me from working the differences that if I had a regular job I probably go into see people I would have people asking me to do my job I would have customers I would have other people I would have other people to help me focus on the job at hand is lighter. Your office by yourself there's nothing but you to discipline yourself. There's nothing but you and your personal demons and your music to do get out, and if you bring in the outside world too much than it fuels the negative side, the point where there's no way we're past it. So yeah the big thing is that I've even gotten more off line. Is The book has come closer of you know I've gotten world twitter and started some threads. Asking about characters and stuff a survivor character thing because I am going to do more smaller novels. And it's interesting to see that the people that I had decided needed smalls. Their cells are the same people that fans are asking for and saying they would like to see them get more stage time which has been very fun. But yeah, that's the big thing. I really tried ivory tower myself. Once I step into my office even more than I normally do because otherwise it's very rare to create in and do my job. I is a writer on the weird thing about my job is that is that I take. I don't even know if it's just inspiration, but it's like is is a writer. You Soak a things around you and you never know what's going to hit you. Right or wrong or Burgundian or people were you writing is in your book's going will. Sit It's too soon I'm not a nonfiction writer I'm a fiction writer. So this year go in will perk the my subconscious I've got one short story idea that may come sooner in. If I do do that one, it will be directly from this year, but I got to let it. Through and make sure that I am is short story not just my emotional in paper his people are putting enough emotion out there I do not need to add. while I have something to kind of bring up the mood about your ivory tower. As you go your office, we love to visualize people's workspaces when they're creating what is your favorite item that you keep in your office in God one favorite. or or or or talk about just how how you how you build your office to surround yourself with things that inspire you and make you happy. We'll. Most for working is a good view. Eager Expansive Gray or I. You know I keep swearing. I'M GONNA. You know we we gone to the ocean and I've a couple of books with the oceans view and that's my favorite dude right to mountains. A good view having said that on days that I'm having trouble concentrating I have one computer. My may compete looks at wall because on days when my concentration is not good I can't even look outside and riot because I go Burr Oud. An world, there's I care not if the concentration is bad. If somebody walks past my view I'm thrown out of my book so. Any one blank wall. And then I won New Independent on my level concentration I will go back and forth I am blessed and I've worked really hard to have an office that I was able to help the architect design I had input on it. And I personally base my office on pictures of Roger Tory Peterson's. Or Studio I don't have a slate gout here but but I have skylights that have shades it can come and go up and down the mountain, which is Dallas. I have skylights this I like a lot of light everybody you know so many people may fans think I write in the dungeons, I like like, I'm. I'm a hawk I want to be on top of everything I. Want to end the best possible I want to seize many miles around I can I like to see people come in? And I want as much. Light is possible. That's really that's really a I. I'm kind of a light junkie when I create. Now, if the muses running good and horror I can write anywhere I really can but but to get into that mindset to slip into that mindset light do. I write really well around blue or green walls. and. That may be because the my childhood bedroom was pale-blue. So I, right. Well, around the collar that I was originally raised the first place I learned to read the first place. I wrote ever was blue blue walls, and so I really do pay attention to the color of my surroundings. I write better I tremendously better in a Pale Blue Room I I've lived in places rented we couldn't use color and it really does it really does impact me. So for me for me it.

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