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From last week's powerful earthquakes and we're now learning the condition of naval air weapons station China lake which was rattled pretty hard using push for rooms in the commissary staff is cleaning up food all over the floor and ceiling tiles that came down there is damage to buildings and their contents on naval air weapons station China lake chaplain Bob Graham says he was shocked to see how much the chapel on base was impacted us all the altar completely demolished I saw the crack in the wall of the weapons on base are secure they're working to get buildings cleaned up and re open at like stone he be seen in California now the first state to provide public health care to young illegal immigrants governor Gavin Newsom signed the bill into law yesterday making illegal immigrants age twenty five and younger eligible for the state's Medicaid program state officials expect the plan to cover about ninety thousand two people at a cost of ninety eight million dollars it will apply only to people with incomes low enough to qualify for Medicaid California law already provides health care to children eighteen and younger regardless of their immigration status mail for a former U. S. C. gynecologist is charged with sexually assaulting his patience is now half million dollars lower one of George Tyndale's alleged victims Lucy cheat says he doesn't deserve right I know that this is a dangerous man this is a resourceful man and he's a predator a judge lord lowered Tyndale's bail from two point one million dollars to one point six million dollars it's not clear if Tyndall will be able to post it he's charged with assaulting sixteen patients in his care hundreds of other women also accused him of sexually abusing them during his several decades at USC the university is close to finalizing a two hundred fifteen million dollar settlement.

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