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So you know i think that was something that you learn different environments so taking away from that like had we listened to that conventional wisdom that was a very elite driven conventional wisdom i don't think sierra leone would broken cycle you you did return home to start listening to your community you you started in organization called catholics or work to an ordinance catholics alliance for the common good and then you ran for congress and that was as you point out you said how many points were you behind when you start at thirty four percent i think yeah and you probably don't get a whole lot of encouragement from the powers that be in washington because they have to invest in the in the most likely pickup so you are out there what what inspired you to do it what one thing that you've said is that jim webb's raise for the senate in two thousand six with something that inspired you yeah i mean so first of all it's true almost anyone who was anyone discouraged me from earning in the race with the exception of tim kaine credit who didn't know me from adam at the time but for him it was all about conviction and it was like if this is what you feel called do do it and do it with some of the same sensibilities that you do he was raised in the same with the same kinds of the same fundamental principles the same catholic social justice notions you guys must have a lot in common he'd also running a lot of races where people had told him a that he couldn't win and be to win he should run a different way i mean cain was has typically been interested in what's the most progressive or boldest campaign i could run and get to fifty percent plus one not what's the safest way to run on from city council to mayor is really interesting figure and i still remember doing an event with him i think henrik.

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