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All right guys lastly we have davor rush to at d m arch two he says which fcc weekend which you take for alabama to be considered top five best team ever as the sec weekend like with the conference down what would it take for alabama to be considered a top five best team ever ah i mean you have to win a national championship last year was supposed to be the greatest last year's team out empty never put on shoulder paradigm yeah and that probably would have cemented it so i was watching the alabama game against exxon and saturday night and i just was marvelled of how well they do everything now how they put their hat on the ball other running backs find the holes and hit them they just do stuff it always it's always going to take a title met saturday night against anm felt like a loss they were there rubber nearly three touchdowns it it it it just felt like this team imploded they won by eight in one of the most difficult venues in college football could have won by law that that game could have could have been four touchdown game but i think it's interesting if this team runs the table and winds that would think about this that would be too that would be two seasons in a row with a perfect regular season amazing i mean this isn't losing that game dole miss like they did a couple of years ago two years in row me this was running the table and i think it would i think if if it if it is clemson in the national championship it would help that because it's like you would hear a lot of ali frazier rubber match right yeah this is this is this is the thrilla in manila uh eh but.

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