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A little born and bred liverpool fan lived in boston worked for reebok red sox fan as i am for 20odd years no sports knows business has managed and been part of the management team a multibilliondollar operations and interestingly but six years ago they had taken a little bit of a run at me for the role as well and it wasn't the right time for me i had so much i could still a needed to do it he a i become the chief operating officer at that point i wear loyalty to john rick italo the coo at the time who place their trust in me and it would have been unfair to him to the people that relied on me for me to move then but all of a sudden i started to think about this at that time sixty one years of age how do you then take your career to the next level how'd you reinvent yourself one more time i'd gone from p teacher to sports marketing executive and completely changed by korea fortyfive years of age went into video games knowing nothing about video games whatsoever but took that chance and he is what i thought i thought you know my dad passed away in two thousand one and one day osce my doubt again and my dad's gonna say to me so utterly go on i would say died i ended up with ceo of a football club and that stuck with me as always making the the hard decision about leave in america having lived here for thirty seven years to move back to liverpool where not live since nineteen 64 but the challenge the opportunity the excitement the chance to give back to a club that a give me so much and could i bring whatever i learned in all these years and decades of managing companies and managing people could i bring a little bit of that back to the club and held this club get to where it needs to be at this point worth deserves to be i also looked at the manager.

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