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The office market in mandeville welcome back i'm dave cohen said i know the weather is amazing and we're all frolicking and being very happy about the breezy cooler conditions we got the new orleans saints opening the season tonight here on wwl and football is finally here and that's making us all very happy as well be happy but police at least take one moment at some point today to remember that this is nine eleven the anniversary of the worst terror attack on the united states in our history i've got to say i was a very emotional but very proud father over this weekend as my son a firefighter took part in the nine eleven stare climb here in new orleans cbd and he made it he climbed all one hundred and ten flights of stairs commemorating what the firefighters who perished on nine eleven went through in new york city he said halfway there he wanted to stop but remembering his fallen brothers gave him the power to continue so at some point today please just take a moment to reflect and those who we lost on nine eleven and what's more it's now with steve geller thanks day will we made it through the first sunday of the nfl season without any saints football but will be rewarded tonight as the black and gold the played minnesota on the prime ties siege of monday night football obviously week once a big deal but there's added energy to this match up since it'll be the first time the adrian peterson faces the vikings the.

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