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To rename Lee Davis high school and Stonewall Jackson middle school Asia Ingram a twenty nineteen graduate of Lee Davis says her personal experience as a leading avis Confederate brought her out today and we ourselves cannot call ourselves Confederates because it's the exact same thing that oppressed us Hanover N. double ACP lawsuit challenging the names was thrown out by a judge last month but the county school board announced this week that they would once again consider renaming the schools Patrick Larsen NPR news Richmond meanwhile protesters in north Carolina's capital pull down part of the Confederate monument demonstrators using a strap to pull down two statues that are part of a larger statue in downtown Raleigh the mayor of Louisville says one of three police officers involved in the fatal shooting of Brianna Taylor will be fired city mayor Greg Fischer announcing today interim police chief Robert Schroeder has started termination proceedings against the officer Brett Hankinson two others remain on administrative leave while the shooting is under investigation Taylor's case sparked nationwide outrage he was shot eight times in our home by officers who burst in using a no knock warrant as part of a narcotics investigation no drugs were found Facebook and Twitter say a video posted by president trump has now been removed after a complaint from the copyright holder and be ours Bobby Allen explains the footage included a fabricated news story purporting to be picked a racist baby trump shared a video of a black toddler running away from a white toddler on the sidewalk the video was doctored to make it look like CNN had fabricated the footage with the headline races baby probably a trump voter Facebook and Twitter have both now pulled the deceptive video from their respective platforms the tech giant say one of the parents of the children in the video submitted a copyright complaint it's the latest in a growing list of actions taken by social media companies against the president's frequent and sometimes flagrant use of the medium trump has vowed retaliation the just the department is asking Congress to strip social media companies of certain legal protections Bobby Allyn NPR news San Francisco the Oklahoma Supreme Court is rejecting a request that everyone attending a campaign rally for president trump tomorrow and to also be required to wear a facemask and maintain social distancing court ruled today that two local residents would ask the thousands expected to attend the rally could not establish they have a clear legal right to the relief they were seeking tens of thousands of people are expected to attend the rally will be in the general area of that event stocks closed mixed today the Dow down two hundred and eight points the nasdaq closed up three points the S. and P. five hundred was down seventeen points you're listening to NPR and you're listening to KCRW on Larry Perella Friday June nineteenth very good evening to you here's what's happening at seven oh four thousands of people are rallying taking part in freedom marches around southern California today to mark Juneteenth that is a parade of cars making their way around the birth park this afternoon on the way to an all day event the eleventh annual Juneteenth celebration a rally for black independence featured a line up of music and.

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