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Tonight's game with the Flyers Course. Postpone, Dave. Calm positive cases with the Philadelphia Flyers. So you expect to hear Cap school? You're not gonna get it right now. The buffalo sabers games with Washington. The 11 and 13 also postpone Jacob Rana, however, off the covert list. No Washington players right now. On that list. That's good news. College hoops tonight. It's AH, the big 10, officially moving the tournament from Chicago to Indianapolis and the Chicago will get a return tournament back in 2023. Howard, officially canceling its season as the Bison plane just five games this year. Last time they played the game was December 23rd just one and four on the year. Georgetown and Creighton just getting underway. 19th rank right now to 183 lead early. This one, George Down, beating creating last week. Bcu be dating tonight by nine. Now seven and two in the A 10. Duke lost to Notre Dame first time under 500 from Mike Cisovsky and Duke since November of 1999 X Washington football coach Marty Schottenheimer passing away today at the age of 70 70 had been moved a hostage pick hospice care earlier in the week, suffering from Alzheimer's. He was here one year started on a 15 and finished eight and eight, led Cleveland Casey and the charges to division titles and 1 200. Regular season game Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay and have a boat parade tomorrow. It should be kind of cool, right? If you're there were not a policy we tailed export. Yeah, they're trying to keep things afloat. See what you did there. I didn't say it. Okay, fine, 17. We're keeping it local..

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