Officer, Albuquerque Police Department, Rebecca discussed on The Majority Report with Sam Seder


As we have seen tonight i own asked out or mushroom peyote you got like the tony soprano koa news fresh as much as many as the back door murders and let to us answer go mexico god here we go in a whole list is 27 years old rhino officer with the albuquerque police department he's here to tell you my real with his wife rebecca was sociopath and skin whoa whoa whoa man of the circus that's how mind nearly always held the baby woo who showed me how to do that thank thank you you last year ryan was on duty when he certainly pregnant homeless woman preparing to inject heroin he wrestling ryan told her she was going to harm her unborn child she began to weep she told him she didn't know where to turn but badly wanted a safe home for her baby at that moment brian said he felt god speak to him you will do it because you can he heard those were while he to lay out a picture of his wife short of grow kids bernhard what are you fucking idiot tell his wife rebecca in an instant she agreed to adopt the whole let's named their new daughter hope orion and rebecca you embody the goodness yeah the mom have injury and then we discarded the body uh we muggers there too.

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