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There is anyone in the country. Who has earned the right? To speak about. Violence against public officials. It has to be Steve Scalise. Was almost assassinated. He will suffer for the rest of his life. So in addition to everything else going wrong for the Democrats. The smear. They pulled on Brett Cavanaugh. The way they conducted themselves. In addition to all of that. They also have a violence problem. Well, you know, you're seeing more and more of this from the left, and there's no place for than what I wrote about was that when you see these kinds of things being said, it is inciting people, and frankly, it's not the direction that we should be going. It's not what our country's all about where great country that that celebrates the fact we can actually disagree with each other. We can disagree with our government. But there's a way to resolve it you resolve your differences at the ballot box. You don't resort to violence into see leaders calling on violence that happens in third world nations not in America congress, and why did you decide to write the op-ed? Well, I am concerned that you're seeing an increase of this. You know, look, I would like to see leaders on both sides calling it out. You're seeing leaders on on the right calling it out. You're not seeing any leaders on the left. Call eight out. In fact, you're seeing some of the leaders on the left inciting more violence calling on Moore violence instead of saying there's no place for it. I I'd like to see the mainstream media asking both Republican and democrat leaders to stand up against this kind of rhetoric. This kind of violence, congressman Scalise, Maxine Waters, just works across the hall from you figure speech your work in the same building. Have you have you thought about going over to her office and saying what are you talking about? What are you doing? You know, I've talked to some Democrats about this. And there are a lot of Democrats that are concerned about it. I like to hear some of them speaking out publicly because I think that's what it's gonna take. Directly, sir. Well, I've spoken to a number of them directly. And and I think the ones I've spoken to you know, some of them get it some of them don't. But ultimately, we've got to keep shining a light on this to make it clear that this isn't what politics is about in America. It's not what the founding of our country was about it was about freedom of speech, freedom of expression, not violence against anybody. What level of shamelessness? Do you have to stoop to? Did your somehow blaming this, man? Who was shot multiple times? Crawling himself. Mostly paralyze through the infield of the softball field. Where a Bernie, bro. Has unloaded how many rounds into his body? How many surgeries has he had thirty forty fifty. He'll never be the same again. He's in constant pain limited movement. How his his guts are shredded. And you're going to ask him. Well, how come you don't go? Tell Maxine Waters. Why don't you go? Tell her face. How dare you you bastard? How.

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