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It was there were no line. There was no character except the MC this second rate comedian, you know, master of ceremonies, and I had no scenes with anybody was five great songs, and I needed to find the man the. You know that bad that bad guy. So you took some of the low comics that particular that comic and say Louis, do I have this right, go boy. And I thought he was the cheapest shot of a MC that anybody could ever want not want to see. So this guy that you saw on the road from your nightclub days, you retain this and you decided to to infuse this character, right? Fascinating. So this this like third grade comic became immortal. He he never knew. Yeah. You never said his name publicly. I would I sure he's gone. Yes. He is now. Yeah. I just saw an interview with the you'll never told they never told anybody who was now. Interesting. And and here's here's an. Today's today. No. But he might have heirs relatives. Here's here's another song. I once heard on the radio that killed me that your father saying, so I'm pushing you again how much is that pickle in the window. The one that's untapped at the pale. Yeah. Right. How much is that Piccola window? Yes. I do hope that pickles for sale. I say to our listeners that people can pick him confined these on YouTube. We haven't both queued up. We have David Crockett which Jennifer did so well on the Conan show and pickle in the window queued up there on YouTube and well worth seeing and your father was kind of a head of his time. I mean, stand Friburg. Yes, sir. You know? There was no Allan Sherman. Nobody was doing parody followed him kind of a trailblazer in that John. Yeah. Certainly there was no weird. Al. But I, you know, I think they respected him as a as a as a as. Yes. As a runner, exactly. That's what I said for runner..

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