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For nearly a year. Now I have personally begged Gretchen. Whitmer over and over and over again to please set Michael Thompson free. He poses no public safety risks to society. He never has. He is an old man now. He's been a model citizen in prison. He's been a mentor to other incarcerated men for decades and while Michael has been in prison. I need you to understand this. Men who were convicted of rape and murder have come in. Serve their entire sentence and been released. Men who actually shot people during drug deals were then caught with the gun that they use for the crime have come into the prison. That Michael was in serve their time in left. Michael has seen prison. Guards comment serve their entire career and retire all while he's been in prison. It's an abomination. I've called Gretchen Whitmer. I've emailed Gretchen. Whitmer. I've sent her male. I've sent her letters and packages. I have pleaded with her. Friends have begged her staff. I spoke to the Lieutenant Governor and nothing and I am left at. This point to conclude Gretchen. Whitmer doesn't care. She wants Michael Thompson to suffer because as governor. She could release him today. He's served twenty six years in prison for a non violent drug crime. But let me tell you what I actually think is happening. I've Seen Democrats do what I think. Gretchen. Whitmer is doing right now. I've seen them do it for generations when I started fighting for Michael to be released Gretchen. Whitmer wasn't necessarily in the national spotlight. She hadn't yet been given the opportunity to give the democratic response to the state of the Union that she gave this past January. She wasn't rumored to be on the shortlist for VP. But now that she is. She's doing what all. Democrats think they have to do to look tough. She's sparing nobody by governor of New York. Andrew Cuomo is basically doing the same thing when her star began to rise. My heart began to sink. I told friends and colleagues that what I thought would happen is exactly what's happening. She'd freeze. She'd be so careful on every single decision that she'd stopped making decisions like this when altogether and here. We are over the past few weeks. Michael's attorneys and advocates have started to ask her to release him just to prevent him from catching the corona virus in prison. Where he would likely die if he contracted it still as we see governors and district attorneys and mayors released from jail and prison. All over the country still from Gretchen. Whitmer nothing crickets. And it's heartbreaking because we celebrate electing Democrats and we cheer. We put them there but here we are. We elected a Democrat in Michigan as governor. Here we are. She's in office secure as ever approval ratings as high as ever and she won't use her power to help woman in need it's frustrating. It's maddening because it's been spelled out. Does somebody could say well Sean. She's got a lot to do. We've been asking her for over a year and before I started asking. Her people had been pleading with her for years. People were pleading with the governor before her. What are we waiting on? Please release this man do what you were elected to represent the people you are elected to represent and release. Michael Thompson from prison. He has served twenty six years. Your state cannot afford to continue wasting its money. Having people like Michael in prison when he poses no safety risk in fact he's only a liability to the state and to public safety in prison. Why is he there? What's the purpose other than cruel and unusual punishment? Listen I'VE GOTTA run. We're going to develop some action steps for Michael in the days ahead but I need you to understand this story so we can continue fighting again to free Michael Thompson. Take care of your body bring number but bring them and bring the bring bringing in the spring break break break break Derek. Bring up break break break..

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