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Fifteen pound miracle baby girl Harper Buckley. Fifteen pounds five ounces linked twenty three and one fourth inches. Some people tell me that link to their baby. Like, what do I do that link compared to what that is like ninety point six inches long? Well, can't let his I don't know. They always the linked to the baby that how. Like how big the baby. Well, it's about seven ounces but twenty two inches. Oh. Good. That's compared to what I got like lay next like a piece of fruit or a shoe or right. Like like, give me the baby's size compared to shoot, it's thirteen shoot. Oh, that's wow. Baby. Yeah. Fifteen pound baby wasn't always happy story years ago Turner has more told that they could not have a baby less than ten percent chance seven years. And boom there we go by the way, she had another baby too. Eleven pounds. Much smaller, and how long was that baby. Shoes. That's I'm I'm really interested in the length. And they won't even give it to me here. Fifteen Eddie how how big was your kid ten? Well, I have my biggest one with ten that's my little one. So that's a big one. Yes. He was very heavy. And then my first kid he was eight so his average. Kids fifteen. Kevin baby girl. I love that. Well, yes that. That. Caitlyn and Kansas. What's happening? Hey, bobby. I just wanted to say we ran a tease out on or just you bring breaks ago at the candy shop on Broadway. And we were so shocked, and I didn't even know what to say at the time. But you made our break out of their first night in Nashville and you made our spring break. It was the best lucky candies. Shop is what happened. I went to watch aimlessly in concert and the rhyme. And and I was gonna walk me Morgan for two, but they were running a little later than I was. And so what do I do wanna bar the candy store? Right. Drink. Where can I go and hang out for like fifteen? That's not a really funny looking at all the candy. Calin here. I remember she came up. It was like, hey, future me, and my friend, and so we took a picture together. And we talked for a little bit. And that's cool. I got my I got a little beef candy. I got out of the. All that's pretty accurate Kaelin guys. Exactly. And like we came to Nashville because basically because of your show because we're all like deeper fans have been with names for Vong time like since died in Austin. And so we were like, well, why are we doing break why not try Nashville, and then we like ran into it was mazing just mayor whole trip. I hope that I was as kind to you as you were to me. You wear your so nice to stop and talk and we took like a ton of fixtures. Did you buy? Yes. I did. Because I was like I have to come them. Right. This moment. So I got chocolate peanut brittle. And it was amazing. And it was great. Everybody else hitting the bars. Your guys are hitting the candy show again. That's right Kaelin over you have a wonderful day. Thank you so much for calling. Thank you so much. All right. See you later. Hey, Amy has a really cool podcast called four things with Amy Brown. Amy on your last podcast over the things that you touched on. Okay. My sister came on and we talked about teenage rebellion. And then also I shared some of my favorite jeans, and how to care for your dinner..

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