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Washington looking to finish this thing off with one more quarter of football leading thirty to six Huskies with a first down from the Washington thirty seven yard line Browning and Gaskin running to his right and he is fourteen down by the white shirted cardinal at the thirty nine yard line pick up of only two this time it was Sean Martin from is inside linebacker spot Thomas was there from the front along with outside backer Joey Alfieri it's one of those games you know thirty to six year late the fourth quarter Huskies taking their time running the football some days you might see the fans look for the exits early they're leaving here tonight eight around this is a magical night a magical moments the ninety one eighteen year old James this defense opportunistic offense so much fun here tonight one of those I was there when I'm a thirty nine yard line second in a gas can look into the left corner does forty forty five field the first forty seven yard line this week left Myles Gaskin for a first down fourteen yard advance for the sophomore tailback office of line right there it is to sample pelagic Eldridge said that is a lot of room to run good block on the outside by John Ross a small drive here chew up the clock stay healthy Wells guesstimate eighty five yards on twenty four carries in Tucson AZ eighty five on fourteen here tonight a couple of touchdowns dogs and a first down at the Stanford forty seven though for you to join again puts his head down over the right side and a gain of only one Stanford really stuff that play up nicely it was Solomon Thomas again the Kerrison Phillips up there from his nose tackle spot Barton pinching down from his inside linebacker position to make the stop making him a short to very short but will call its second along eight Washington with a thirty six fourth quarter lead he's trying to take some time off the clock and maybe put some points on the scoreboard as well for their trouble second down in a long eight dogs just outside the Stanford forty five yard line as they go right to left during student section in the audience at which they move and here's Browning and off Gascon coming left then make a Coleman back in the tailback coming left and Stanford's squeezes him down for a short gain to the forty for the cardinals pickup of only one from the bond Coleman here is third down and somewhat long for the dogs third about seven Stanford forty four yard line city of running puts it up my pleasure into a slot wide of the far side of the hash marks on the right this outside of him lost near side to the short side of the field on third down a Browning out of the gun ready stamped on top side it is one thing those keys the big focal point this week to step out this stamper line some of the tallest already feels and what you have about it it's just a struggle tonight for Stanford on both sides of the ball they are unaccustomed to seeing as many points on the scoreboard never does Washington has done and so five yard Markoff fear on Stanford's eleventh penalty for an even one hundred yards I have about half as many penalty yards total yards here tonight so third down and threw for the dogs but the cardinal thirty nine Browning quick toss for side side your twelve thirty taking the stand for twenty seven great stuff in the open field she told her for a Washington first down pickup of eleven on third down into cool design play to that time the kind of fake the handoff to left Jake spread all the way around there to Chico he just does his thing breaking tackles some strong built like a running back out there on the perimeter thank you for standing you up that clocking noise blocking out of the too tight and the real Daniels among others ten forty two to go on the four thousand is sitting on a signature signature victory with a first down at the twenty eight yard on a Stanford has mark right going right to left Browning under center and up to the tailback coming left his gasket leaks across the twenty five and out of the numbers about the nineteen yard line goes Myles Gaskin Gallo gene Stanford again Martin the linebacker got a but there's nine more for gas good ten ninety six yards on the night for miles on sixteen carries in this game hi just human this clock up not sure what the exact number is time wise on this drive before it's been a good five six minutes four minute offense out of the rock gotta love it second one of the cardinal nineteen yard line Browning in the shot gun she was gasping over to his right claps his hands take a stab at a pro pressured out of the pocket I'm running to the right Ross the fender flashing in front of John was Justin Reid the safety was going to be a tough catch in any circumstance but then the imperiled by the safety and that ball goes incomplete almost intercepted almost caught finally Elise incomplete like just by the fingertip Justin re re direct about Paul if nothing else as you mentioned he flashed in front of it man so close to a touchdown on roles in the back of the end zone becomes a matter of trying to move the sticks there's definite field goal range for sure leading thirty to six third down and one dogs at the nineteen of Stanford Browning in the gun Coleman in the backfield hands at the launch site stepped over the back field at the Stanford sixteen yard line first down four yard gain and nicely done by lebron told one of my favorite runs of the night they're right there number ninety Solomon writes in the back field right away right there to blow it up moved by the Sheik the fall for the fuel for for your game the change started US news Donald just what they wanted hero ball control kind of drive in the fourth quarter the speed the eleventh plague of the drivers take them to the Stanford sixteen with a first down cedar street to the far side right Browning out of the gun going right to left hand off the Coleman dancing looking for yardage on the inside skips inside the fifteen and taken down at the Stanford fourteen yard line for just a couple Gascon portion a hundred Coleman pushing fifty balanced husky attack here tonight hundred and fifty seven rushing yards and two hundred seven more through the air how about that the fifth stand for under two hundred for the ball game the thunder on the scoreboard by twenty four points inside eight and a half to go in this fourth quarter Washington has led throughout authoritatively so second at eight at the fourteen yard line the lady hand off tailback Myles Gaskin Strawser of find some space in amongst the traffic there for a three yard gain look like five five trying to get in here four five twenty or ninety or or or ninety nine fifty big sports night in Seattle issues here the mariners and how to get in the playoff chase here with Oakland over the Seiko field so third down about five Washington Browning empty backfield out of the gun takes a snap the four yard line it'll just seven four yard line it is first and goal Washington continues to amaze me with his ability to make plays with his feet right they're incredible decision one little why stick route nothing open the open field knew where the sticks were the first down your body is clock rolling the six points to duck under center Gaskin the beat back behind them first and goal from the four center the feeling about the gas can about the one or two yard line nice play off the S. first time tonight with saltpeter Calombaris name and number thirty four and this is a guy who has a B. double the Huskies last two seasons but quiet night for the senior linebacker here tonight but a good play there from number thirty four Gascon I was shortened to that's good enough to put him at a hundred yards for the evening on eighteen carries a lace quickly do you adopt a pet is just limped off the field with his minutes into by the trainers looks on his way it's an update as soon as I can second and goal from the two Browning under center again sure the tailback little powder fifty Stanford's all over it we played by the cardinal class you're dropped for a yard loss at the three yard line four little play that time take the fly sweep motion six looks around since that ball out to Chico McClatcher Stanford defense not full great play the city safety coming in read three coming out of the safety position stay at home so here we have third down and goal the cardinal three yard line on the left Browning shotgun formation for receivers out to the right J. rolling right looking for the ends on fire for decides it's time to bring the perfect play roles the pocket a little late turnaround by fuller the strike the striking it is the first ski down for young Aaron fuller a freshman from Texas point after from van Winkle good the route continues here Stanford store skis has they have all night long with an answer five thirty to go in the four thirty seven to six Washington the Washington IMG sports network today's episode of.

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