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Chevrolet appliance mcallister happy to be back after after a week off. Topic a dropped into my lap to lead things off. The players have voted tonight. have voted down the proposal by the owners and Major League. Baseball thirty, three to five. Bob Nightingale on twitter moments ago. League Baseball Writer for USA Today Says Rob Manfred has no plans to implement the season scheduled tonight or even tomorrow. The two sides still have to reach. Reach an agreement with Labor and health issues, perhaps delaying that decision so again. commissioner has the right as negotiated by the deal March Twenty back on March, twenty six to implement the schedule as he sees fit, it's believed that will be in the neighborhood of fifty to sixty games that means no extended expanded playoffs at the players had offered on. On their side of things, and it means baseball around July, Twenty, seven, twenty, eight, twenty, nine, somewhere around that point, but I know where there's going to be baseball coming up on July, eleventh and twelfth in the form of a camp. It is the first annual summer. League baseball camp. Summit, Country Day on Saturday July. Eleventh and Sunday July twelve our next. Next guest is involved with said camp. He's the right handed Pitcher, the pride of high school he was a midland pitcher as well and Miami Red Hawk, he was drafted in the fifteenth round by the Yankees just a couple of years ago and twenty eighteen. It is a pleasure to welcome into the show. Nick Ernst Nick Lance McAlister. How are you? Thanks for having me I. appreciate it great catching up, but you know I was thinking about this is as we get ready to talk with you. How how weird this spring and into the summer must be for you. When's the last time? You wouldn't have been playing baseball at this time in your life? Believe was four or five. While, Time, and in the other thing I thought we were trading text last week. This year you obviously are aware. The draft was reduced from forty to five. Had that happened two years ago? Your whole career path is different. Oh. Yeah, absolutely I would add to give back to school Would have been a definitely a different past for me to take like an imagine what says guys are going through I'm sure a lot of guys. Work their tails off to get to this point now with homemade five rounds at a lot of guys they're kind of. Getting the short end of the stick. Nikki in a perfect world, if everything was the way it was supposed to be where where do you think you would have been at this point? hopefully by now would have been in Tampa Hi egg with the Yankees but I. Think I'd probably would have started in Charleston which is low A.. But either places and. Near as bad as we're, I'm at right now. What. What had what's Data Day? Like for a minor league baseball player without a minor league season to be played. What what have you been doing? Did I wake up around eight thirty. Road work out just trying to say ready. When whatever happens I, just not much of a lot of sitting around. Doing Nothing had oh, man I've you're going to be doing something with the camp? Coming up the first annual summary late baseball camp at Summit Country Day. Tell me about. Tell me about the idea. How did this come about? Girlfriend with my buddy Jerry. WHO has. been the. Ringleader of this group that we have. He's just Kinda like it'd be awesome. Baseball camps and I was like. Jerry I got nothing to do man. I think it'd be awesome. Kids out ready. Get them. off the couch, playing video games and Get Out and learn some things and have some fun. So who you said kids. Who is this camp for who can register and show up for this absolutely anybody? Anybody that wants to learn about the game and have fun. In. Two days it's July eleventh and July. Twelfth of Saturday. Sundays at correct. Correct. What will you guys try to accomplish with the kids in those days? We're GONNA try to hopefully hopefully teach him a little something about the game of baseball and teaching. That baseball can be fun and I feel like a lot of people are kind of. Losing the thought of Baseball being fun. Everyone looks at it as boring and I think our main goal is just to go out there and realize how fun baseball really is 'cause baseball's giving. All four of us that are heading. The instructors at the camps that we've surrounded our life baseball man everything. Everything that's going on right now. All everything's so negative. We weren't we WANNA have some fun and tease kids a little bit and let them have fun I see. You are one of four instructors for this. Who Else is joining you? so my thirteen year base okay to send the Sun and then Gary and Kane are the other two players as well. He coach all three of us. Andy's honestly one of the days guys ever met and He's a real good baseball coach and then Cain. Bateman and Jelly winning. They were roommates at Heidelberg and I played with them growing up. And, I played with Juliette Lasalle as well, and I'm looking at some of the details for this against the first annual summary League. Baseball camp, summit country, day Saturday and Sunday July eleven twelve. May Nice Bang for your buck. It doesn't cost a whole lot. You get some cool things that come with it explaining. How much does it cost? And what do they get? I believe it is thirty five or one day. For both days. And You get a t shirt. Get lunch and you get a lot of. Experience Baseball players teaching it a game and I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun for everybody as well Nick for those listening who want more information. What's the best way to tell them do? find that information. you can go on twitter. At, at Nikki e one, two, three and I C K Y E one-two-three. And you will re tweet it right after I get off here, so it'll be like my first tweet on my page, and you can message me You can email the email on there where you can text the number on that Flyer I know you tweeted about this last night so I ask you. What did you watch the you watch the junior special last night. How good was that is awesome man? He's a baseball players I've ever had the privilege of watching. my I mean. My Dad talked about the great eight all the time, but for me growing up. Griffey was. Like for me, you know I was. Batted left handed. Him, I didn't hit very many round. Probably why I'm a picture, but. I definitely tried to model my swing. Offer Griffey. Here's the man. KNICKER hanging out with us. pitched Lasalle High School pitch for the Miami Redhawks a fifteenth round draft pick of the Yankees in two thousand eighteen, and he's part of the first annual summary. League baseball camp, coming up on Saturday and Sunday July Eleven and twelve summit country day for kids to have a great time learned the game have some fun. Here's the most important question I'm going to ask you is. Is that Guy Joe Speed taking care of you? Do you need me to rough him up or advisement? Anyway way now now, just always taking care of me. One of that he's, he's also invest guy and he. He's fun to be around. He's just an overall great guy, and he does a great job representing me, He. actually during this Corinthian. He took the time to get his real estate license just in case. He can help any player he as with real estate and all that stuff, so he he takes, he takes care of all of us and. I don't think anybody would ever disagree that. He's represented. That is good to hear. That certainly sounds like the Joe speed. I know! Hey, this was fun I. Really Appreciate Your Time hanging there and have a blast with his campaign and put smiles on the faces of the kids in. Let's keep in touch and talk down the road. Right. Absolutely mandate for the call. You gotTa Take.

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