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Hello and welcome to citation needed the podcast where we choose a subject. Read a single article about it on Wikipedia. And pretend we're experts because this is the Internet and that's how it works now. I'm alive Bosnich. And I'll be uniting. This five-man workforce but I'll needs muscle and some brains. First step two guys who should probably start paying protection money to themselves. No and Tom Tom. Yeah but as learnt when I became self employed. I'm cheap I'm not saying that I'm self destructing but I am saying that I have only myself I self to blame so and also joining us tonight. Two guys old enough to played stick ball with our subject Noah and seesaw. I'll tell you HOFFA's batting average. We're playing stickball was local to ninety nine. Normally I would push back on the old thing but yeah I I must be getting all this fucking with my memory. Didn't you already introduce introduce me. Everybody is a person who is also here heath me welcome to the show. Thank you great. Now he cares when he's on the opening skit. It's all right. Take a moment. Thank our patrons. This is a beautiful little. Oh podcast you got here and it sure would be terrible if something happened to it. Luckily of an accent neighborhood over dot com slash sedation. Russian pod is kind of terrible tragedy would never take place so if you'd like to learn how to join the ranks. It'd be sure to check granted the other way. Tell US Tom. What person place thing concept phenomenon or event will we be talking about today? Well thank you to our patron box. Some not allowed near the end zone of giant stadium. Actually suits me just fine. I didn't WanNa go anyway but today we'll be talking about union leader Jimmy Hoffa who nc so you read between the lines. Are you ready to sell up the river literally any price talking skit. I I don't even care to huma. Hoffa Jimmy Hoffa was an American labor union leader when that actually meant something now it means that you're probably late on your mortgage. Yeah he was the president of the International Brotherhood of teamsters which is the truckers union and my dad teamster for several decades could not say this guy's name without calling him a crook he also went missing in one thousand nine hundred ninety five. They declared him dead seven years later but they've never found the remains and there were no convictions in the disappearance it just like Osama bin Laden and JFK. Interesting not at all like no yeah unrelated those people we shots I penciled dammit cancelled episode a hole in the forest take aac three. Jimmy was born in Brazil. Indiana Worst Carnival disappoint a AH fell one can use the bathroom. It was born on February fourteenth nineteen thirteen Valentine's baseball his his dad John Hoffa died. When Jimmy was seven from lung disease and the rest of the family moved to Detroit win? Hoffa was eleven. He quit school at fourteen years old and worked manual labor. Jobs like painting fulltime jean-mrs Apple Tree Shoe would be terrible if someone would paint your house when you at least you know what. This doesn't make any sense. I gotta get the new. y'All remember when people move to Detroit fifties. Yeah they're giving a stipend for that. They've been trying to get back. We have water now. You can drink on bottled some here. Hoffa moved on from painting houses to working in a grocery store chain when he was a teen. He became involved with the Union and organized labor. Around this time the job he was working page. Shitty wages had shittier working conditions and not a ton of job security so think professional snow podcast there with a boss done. That has nobody to blame but himself for his as best does covered. Works didn't do that. That especially since the workers wanted to unionize and Hoffa took the union leadership naturally Hoffa became inspired to work as a union organizer after a run in with an abusive forman when Jimmy stood up to him. The other employees were impressed by him so he moved on from that job and became became an organizer with the teamsters in Detroit local to ninety nine back when threatening people effectively was a valid line. Item on your resume. I I live in the wrong era. How about I fucking kill you? As a negotiation tactic that is sadly underused in today's Labour agree. Now it's fucking starve you and it's used by the other team and I don't mean you're fired and you're GonNa Starve. Congratulations you work at Walmart. Now you are below low the poverty. You made it to starvation cheeses a few years later. While working with non unionized laundry workers on their strike. He meets his soon to be wife. Josephine they married six months later. In September of Nineteen thirty six they go on to have two kids a daughter Barbara and a son James and I wanNA just quote wikipedia. Pedia here so you can hear the house price quote. The HOFFA's paid six thousand eight hundred dollars in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine for modest home in northwest Detroit. The family later owned a simple simple summer. Lakefront cottage in Orion Township Michigan North of Detroit. His son by the way thirty plus years after Jimmy is removed as the teamsters teamsters union president takes over the position. He's been the president since nineteen ninety. Nine yes true fact about that House in Detroit. It's actually worth less now than it was seven. Grandma gives you everything. North of I ninety in in the thirties the forties the teamsters grew pretty significantly in both numbers and power in one thousand nine hundred eighty when they were founded they had seventy five thousand members. There was a push push by Hoffa and other union leaders to consolidate other trucker unions with T- with the teamsters that made their membership grow to one hundred seventy thousand in nineteen thirty six and four hundred twenty thousand in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine and it was over a million by nineteen fifty one off one a bunch. A contract disputes using quickie strikes quickie strikes. We're only one side is happy about the outcome that checks get term and the Secondary Boycotts which leveraged other related industries to pressure Asher to put pressure on another to get them to cave to the demands of the Union would be like a grocery store strike to help get rights for farm laborers. It's hard to wrap your head around it but back then workers actually cared about other workers also since the teamsters were connected to a ton of professions since they delivered raw materials. Finish this project is that are they. Would they use to become the most powerful union in the country right That's why Amazon workers each their own P. Bucket now on everything and hey fun. Fact that secondary boycotts thing literally illegal now. So yeah if you're in a union don't like root too hard for a second bucket per a person shall. We can't even get everyone in the same room to decide that people shouldn't go bankrupt or die if they get sick I try to convince people to take time off of work to strike. Because their neighbors are striking is Utopian dreamscapes. We will never see again something. which I just said about the nineteen seventies seventies and the mob had its dirty hands in the pie to the truckers union were totally in bed with the Mafia? So this means that Hoffa in order to get and maintain power in the unions had to deal with mafia bosses quote he had to make accommodations and arrangements with many gangsters. Beginning getting in the Detroit area organized crime influence over the I bt would expand as the union itself crew and quote okay but Nowadays Union leaders have to get in bed with unsavory unsavory characters like US Congress Giambi two hours so even though Hoffa was a teamster n a union organizer Eiser. He never worked as a truck driver. Or a doc and that's how management works though and that's why it's better in nineteen forty six. In December. Jimmy Hoffa became the president of the Detroit. Local to ninety nine Hoffa received a draft letter for World War Two and he quote obtained a deferment deferment from military service in World War Two by successfully making a case for his union leadership skills being more valuable to the nation by keeping freight running smoothly to to assist the war effort end quote shortly thereafter. He became the head of the Michigan. teamsters dear Uncle Sam. These kneecaps ain't gonNA break themselves. I'M GONNA go ahead and pass La Jim I love it. The actual deferment was based on. I'm too important to get shot in. What does it say.

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