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Man, oh man, we gotta get some business cards printed up with that and the man the myth, the legend Murray, how we doing man, I'm doing good. You know the guys at the super book. They've really had a lot of laughs off that little intro, the introduction, you guys put together a few weeks ago for me and a lot of laughing at the book about that. Well, hopefully they're laughing with you and not laughing at you. Well, let me tell you this on Tuesday. I walk into work and one of the girls who works for us, Mindy. She had that intro cute up and as I walked into words my desk, she played it and there was a smattering of giggles from both Mindy and from Jeff Sherman. Well, look, I, I was out there a couple of weeks ago for summer league. You know, I was behind the counter there. It's just a laugh a minute really. Crew, not me personally, but some of the other guys are humorous, humorous group. Well, you know, you don't come in every day with your joke. Writers. Sometimes Neil more preparation. It all depends on the day. I can't be funny everyday man. Gotta take things seriously. You know that we are all only human after all one at one to start Murray with some golf. Obviously, we're taping this on Thursday, British open or the open, the open championship kicking off. Talk to me a little about the action and some of the bigger beds. I know we had a lot of large matchup bets for the US open. I was taken aback by how how big they were and specifically kind of limits that you guys allow is that typically something you guys have for everyone and is the same better who was betting those fifty grand forty grand on matchups back for the open championship as well. Yeah, he he did. He had fears four match of beds this week for fifty thousand eight and we can get into into those four bats. And he has a few other bats for ten twenty twenty five thousand. But the thing I really want to mention though Ben is it's very important to understand that guy is in a very special category. That guy is a guy that's been playing with us for years. He bet the NFL, the NBA hockey tennis horse racing. It's not as if we would just let any person come into the book and make bets like that. This is a guy that were very familiar with we've known for years and he is the only one really that we would give pro. One of the only people all say that we would give those bets too. You know, as sports betting goes national becomes more popular and people are learning more and more about it. I think it's important that everybody understand that there are limits in Nevada, and they're going to be limits in every state. You can't just walk in here and that whatever you want on anything you want. That's just not works. With a duffle bag fifty degrees. You're not taking my Justin Thomas action for you. We might do it Ben, but you know, it's just like, I know you may you and decay. We had some jokes about the Al lighter thing. A few weeks ago, he was talking about getting down five hundred thousand dollars on a baseball prop that's preposterous. I mean, these books have limits and you can't do that and it's just important. Understand this guy. He's in a special category and just just for listeners who don't know the outlaw to reference. He was at the New York gaming association. They were talking about a Bill to legalize sports betting in the state of New York. He was essentially referencing the fact that if you were a better, this was a threat to the integrity of baseball. His argument was if you are better, you could basically drive from casino to casino placing multiple a fifty thousand dollar bet hundred thousand dollar bet on MLB props, and he was greatly exaggerating the amount of money you'd be able to get down on. Those profits..

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