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At gray. Triple eight, nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three edit Pat unleashed on Twitter where quiet storm tweets, mothers across the Middle East have been teaching hate to their children for centuries. Sadly, that's that's true. It is absolutely true shining American patriot. So does this make Mr. jealous temperamentally unfit for office. F-bomb at a reporter eskimo legitimate question, right? Seriously. Oh, Mike hermit. He's updated your your hate list. Okay. Okay. Obviously we know you hate Jeffey, right? I mean that just goes out saying Tom Celik, Johnny cash and Ernest glossed over it, but we all picked up the hate, Ernest jerk. The one that's accurate. I hated that character of his all how I hated that. It was so stupid. So yes, heated. The earnest thing. What were you? Twelve ten. He did. He did local like commercials for Bank in Atlanta. Yeah, it's a difference. I because I have what fifteen twenty minutes on you. Age wise. Mooney's I saw his cinematic features that were wonderful cinematic features full uses of film. Yeah, right. Oh, actually, when I went to Ernest goes to camp, I was. Did you go to that too? Was literally, I think it was that one. I think it was to go and see the year. Those are dark years in America. Ernest goes to camp Christmas. Oh, my goodness. I wanna bug. Ernest can make your point for you here. I was the only person that movie theater. I believe it. So I just like I think ten years old. I just ran around the theater. Was it verbal verbal, verbal, verbal, Jim, you know what I mean? You You know what. know what? A main Burrel Verne Verne Verne burn come on how I mean what's been thirty years since that campaign probably. Jim Bernie's dead. I liked it. He could have broken that to me a little more gently like he doesn't feel good. Okay, he's done. We lost a triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three. All right, that fat lump. Michael Moore. We gotta deal with this because he is starting to make all kinds of noise. Again, he has come up with this new phrase, f hope. I mean, you talk about any ternal principal and and the twisting of internal principles faith. Hope charity. Those are three of the most important characteristics that that God expects us to have and for him to be saying, f hope because it's the lazy way out. Will you know what side this is coming from? You don't even have to live out. You just know automatically. All right. This is coming from the wrong side. So he's introducing promoting his new anti-trump movie. Fahrenheit, eleven nine. He says, okay, legal means and exposing.

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