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Does a detail The fact that the Obama administration ran down the national stockpile of protective and then never never bothered to put a relatively tiny amount of money in terms of the federal government into simply refilling the stockpile. That's right, So we were left totally unprepared when this hit, but even worse, and this is where Donald Trump is just a cut above most world leaders, he said. Let's feed. The only way out of this problem is a vaccine. So I'm going to create you working with the private sector eight vaccine platforms by four separate pharmaceutical companies. I'm gonna have eight. Not one or two. Because failure isn't an option. I'm gonna produce eight. Right? We're back when Obama and Biden. We're dealing with the swine flu H one n one. They had one little vaccine project which petered out right. They only had one If lives are at stake. You don't do one. This president understands you do eight. It reminds me of that movie Armageddon where Bruce Willis says you're NASA. You always have a backup plan was like, no, Maybe not. You know, That's why I'm talking to Dr Betsy McCoy has got a new book out about about the next pandemic. But back in January and February, I had doctors on to talk about this because we were on this early on had been watching what was going on in China and some people, I think, Avery Smart, said Lars 12 to 18 months for a vaccine, and that is hugely optimistic. Do you think the American public realizes because of the lack of coverage? Just how truly historic it is to come up with the vaccine this quickly that's going to be available. It seems in the next few weeks or months, and he didn't cut any scientific corners what they did. It was to say to these drug manufacturers. Okay, You develop these eight platforms. We will pay for you to manufacture them. Even though only two or three maybe approved. We can't afford to be caught behind so we'll manufacture all eight. And then we'll have something ready. The minute one of them proves safe and efficacious, and that's what they're doing. That is your life.

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