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Right now at the front of the field for William Byron navigate fat lap. Traffic to the outside it's the slower, machine of Corey joy Byron by three car, lengths, over Kyle Busch Eric come off. Of turn number three when was the last time we talked about Kevin Harvick. Backsliding through the field he restarted in the, night position. Bachelet thirteen Dave moody he has yet to. Make up any ground he comes across, the start finish line following right behind his teammate with Boyer Trump your bid on that one. Jeff Out of the free so called big three you're struggling right now Mark A couple of You mentioned a handful of swat They're just trying. To wait the ship right now The third of the big three. Kyle Busch has tracked down and caught William Byron Separate the Straightaway they come off of turn number two and up the. Short shoot it is William Byron by three car lengths back to Kyle Busch in second. Eric Jones trying to make it a three way race for. The top, third Daniels hamlet, in, chase Elliott, top spirited, battle there the last lap, with Kyle Larson and Brad Kazlauskas MA contact coming to. The corner they've sorted, out now but let's go back to the front of the field and watch Kyle Busch trying to chase down, William Byron very close to a three band dad, style Byron Lee away And a half, overtime, Bush another, few lakes. Back to Eric Gill six, or seven today William Byron running for his life right. Now he looks in, the rear view Mary's got Kyle Busch lined up he's got Eric Jones lined up behind him and also Daniel, swale Raza Denny Hamlin right now the separation between, Bush and One, more car length, back to Eric Jones. In third three mortar, Daniel Suarez and fort than it's Denny Hamlin and. Chase Elliott top six beginning the close within each, other, everybody chasing down race leader William Byron, off her back to the start finish line, as the race leader, here at the Pocono raceway William Byron fifty. Laps make it forty nine laps to go now Byron over Bush. Eric Jones Suarez Denny Hamlin that your top, five the rear view mirror is coal for William, Byron Kyle Busch right there Current one Trouble, in carpet Battled for the lead Kyle Busch to the inside of William Byron at the entrance to. The. Tunnel turn Kyle Busch goes to the doors leftover prayer Rarick turn to nearly got into him off of turn number two Jones had to check up here comes Daniel Suarez goes to. The. Inside of Eric Jones to take away Side-by-side off her behind race leader and they've. Moody mentioned the problem, for Kurt Busch a few. Moments ago slamming, into the wall in front of. Him and turn one way to road. If he makes. It back around apparently in that incident he cut. Down a tire we have forty seven laps.

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