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Thank my cousin, Tracy McGrady. For believing in me, not being in the dunk contest. Because no one not doing. Face. Why you're dashing my dreams I'm here to now dasher? Forty something years old, and it's not worth it. Last thing is some Eric. You saw NBA history to be about is awesome video of Tracy as teenagers. What do you remember from that? I remember it all you know. And it'll just like the contest Tracy didn't wanna do it. We had this better in our team O'Neal Kevin Willis, much strong-armed him into doing it made for a great show for the fans that night, and obviously a great show for him in the actual contest which was now nineteen years ago. Leave the back Bill. Dashing, dashing my dreams. So set I've still holding out a little bit hope of that draft Vince camp, it's not going to happen for me as threats. Beckwith? He wants. All start getting televised. I'm gonna win we did that one. Lawrence this one. I love the video though, the to you, what do you remember from that? Because that's crazy, by the way, this NBA history Twitter account did this out this week. This is a randomly season game. Remember, no this defense. I remember being so excited to sit down like my other teammates and the fans to watch bits his name, right? Kevin will is comes over to me. Young fellow. Get on out there. I'm like, you know, I'm telling the camera. I'm rookie. I did it last. I mean, I'm not a rookie. No more. I did it last. So. He came over there and strong army. And may he get out there? I couldn't say notes now I had a team for the vet pretty damn good. Don't official NBA rule is until you play your first game. So you play your game. Can't argue with it. All right. Do you notice what's onset here guys? It is time. Of our true. Buyers and sellers board a nickname board is probably not. Come up with something on Twitter account with Anthony Davis is trade request. I'm an ashtray. See, please, sir move. The pelicans. We have been. Well, we had them in the buyers category. 'cause we thought they had to be buyers to keep a to stay committed. They now appear to be these sellers. Right. So I don't know we know that the Celtics won't be acquiring Davis at the trade deadline, at least at least not actually physically acquiring him. Because of which about this quite a bit on this show will work in the CBA where you cannot have two players you trade for on the designated rookie extension. The rose rule so they can get him..

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