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Tim's Ren- it. And then I'm going to watch a movie made about added that I made about it. No that Shiloh. Buff made about it to make holes the movie there. He made it recital above. Yeah what what about with with me instead I mean it's like word in a young team. Well I don't know anything about this book and if you don't know anything anything about it why not go to patriots dot com slash complete guide. Save yourself a few bucks on the book by signing up to our patriotic new episodes every week. And Uh you get the back catalogue to Tim. How do you think you're going to sleep tonight at all baby? Yeah you think you're GonNa Get up to pee in the middle of the night so you've had a beer a couple of beers I feel it's eight. PM Right now I feel like if I if I don't drink anything after ten. PM I'll be fine water or anything. Anything Okay Yeah. Can you what time to go to bed. Generally around ten thirty the eleven do you go to bed. That's another year till four. AM watching Joel. rogin videos on Youtube of the four. AM and. I don't watch Joe Rogan occasionally as somebody talking about the occult and then I'm interested ever a couple of weeks ago I was talking about the Mothman and a listener reached out and he was the freaking guy who made aide the thing that I was watching the documentary. I got a bunch of stuff wrong. No it's true but it. It was the craziest he he Like added me on twitter and was like hey as like somebody that You know noses does this stuff like You got a lot of stuff wrong. And I like looked ammo Mike. This is the guy that made the documentary that I was watching and completely misquoted. Seth breeds love is his name or at least I know this this guy. I'm telling you go on on Amazon. Prime they got a bunch of his documentaries boggy Creek Monster. The Mothman of point pleasant the bray the road beast and then the one I watch which terror in the skies terra of the sky. Something like that. They're Amazon prime. They're they're a thousand sometimes better production wise than most of the other weird documentaries on Amazon. I I thoroughly enjoy them. CNN week that was a hit gum podcast..

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