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And lately i've been keeping my eyes peeled out there on my drives for the new hyundai tucson because ever since they became a sponsor of the pot. I think i've been pretty much in love with the car. You've heard me talk about them before. About how hyundai question to create their all new twenty twenty two tucson aka the best tucson ever and every inch of their new tucson has been completely reimagined inside out to result in an suv loaded with innovations from is designed to tack to safety. I'm talking about features like digital key that allows you to use your phone as a spare key. There led daytime running lights hidden within the front grille and full touch infotainment screen which provides endless entertainment. While you're on the road so it really is such an amazing. Suv look super sleek and stylish out there on the road but it truly is that great on the inside too. I actually no. Because i got to go do their virtual tour online and learn more about the car before you have to visit in person so learn more when you go to hyundai dot com. What happened on that last play. What to kaitlyn bristowe. No i will say. I was so impressed. You were during that time thinking about it could have been held but we actually had so much fun. You were super positive. You're the one of my all my. There's no way caitlyn's going to want to go to l. a. And come back. Home from nashville. The big track and to do all that. And you're like let's just get our code tests and you were. You're onboard and thank you ma'am well thank you so much alexa. I owe you everything but we also said this happened for a reason. And i do believe that i do too and close still to the state believes that something bad would happen to us if we stayed here. Because we do believe everything happens for reason so sordid to on this last five and a half hour flight of until we're magically in hawaii and i m like clue. I'm sorry like i'm going to first class and you wherever your little heart desires. I need to enjoy this flight. And cleo's nada. The and i'm not trying to break. This has to do with my story so i go to sit in my seat and you know people who fly business flyers. They're usually like diamond medallion members of people who fly all the time or people who have money. I am the person that just flies so much. I will only fly with one airline to collect all my points. Just so i get first class three layovers when i got there in one shot just to get the points and you're crazy for that. I live for my first class. And so i sat down and the guy who's sitting next to me and i go. Oh shit i lost my ebook. I'm like no and i- message..

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