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Think obviously it's difficult Everyone wants to be in that playoff race Obviously we're a little too far out of it now but I'm also play for 18 games left So I think we're just trying to stick together as a team And hopefully build for next year I think a lot of the guys on this team are going to be back again And we got to create a team identity I feel like we've kind of been missing that this year And we're trying to build on that And getting wins like this helps Stromer would say congratulations on a good game tonight You're playing with all world passion like Patrick Kane First I'm gonna talk about that weird pattern he has in his stick Is there any reason why he has those marks on his blade Do you guys talk about that stuff or any other pointers that you've picked up from him playing on his side Yeah I mean obviously he's a tremendous playmaker He's a tremendous hockey player in general You know he does that thing with the puck on his stick and then we're just recently I'm not sure how long it's been but it's been pretty hot so I think you should keep it up I think he's doing some of the exes and some sort of thing on his stick but I'm not too sure whatever works I think he says he likes the white tape but the little black marks hide the puck So he's pretty deceptive and you can see out there is making plays all over the ice and lots of chances every time he's out there so it's fun to play with him Final one for me we're also talking about Alex to bring and you know wouldn't elite goal scorer He's turned into What's he like in practice Because there are certain guys who are great goal scorers of practice And then maybe can't carry it over to games And then there are guys who are just take it to another level What's he like day in day out I think he's just ultra competitive Here's my roommate in junior there And we would just be competitive all the time I think he brings that to practice and he brings that to games It really pisses me off sometimes when we're playing in the stupid mini sticks or something but no he's ultra competitive He is always out there late in practice and he's scored a lot in practice too That's a thing and he also doesn't game so it's fun to play with him too All right Dylan thanks for joining us Great win One and goal Thank you very much Thanks Good stuff Dylan strome saying that this Blackhawks team needs to find its identity That was a phrase that was getting tossed around a lot when Brandon Hegel had been traded that he was the identity piece of the Blackhawks I don't think it's just one player but I think the Blackhawks really were proud of the way that Brandon Hagel played and they liked that to be their identity piece Because let's face it there are a lot of teams more talented than the hawks with more talented players and Brandon Hagel just brought that enthusiasm that spark plug that hard nosed effort that basically everyone on the team could get behind on and it just ticked everyone up a little bit more to just elevate another level to kind of feed off of that It was contagious and not saying that it can't continue because again Taylor radish is off to a fantastic start in his Black Hawk's career It's been three games It's a small sample size We're not comparing Brandon Hagel to Taylor radish just yet But it just shows you what one person's play what one person's enthusiasm work ethic can do for an entire team and a young guy like Hegel again quickly meshed with this team You can see why it was kind of devastating for this ox team to lose him Also because he's young Also because he is a guy that you want for a rebuild that you want to kickstart the change in your organization in your franchise But let's face it this is what I had said This is what other people had speculations had speculated and even Kyle Davidson went ahead and said it on Monday after the trade deadline had passed He was not actively shopping Brandon Hegel But when someone comes to you with two NHL players and two first round picks you kind of have to get the deal done I agree with that I agree with that opinion I also agree it really stinks to see Brennan Hagel no longer in a Blackhawks uniform but if I am Kyle Davidson I am making that move And who knows you know we won't know for a couple of years whether this was the right trade or not I think it is it goes on to determine how well you drafts how well you evaluate the talent and how well you develop that talent to determine if this was the right move but I think I don't want to say every team But I think most teams would go ahead and make that move If it were presented to them Because if you're in a rebuild you need those assets You need those young players you need those picks and hopefully hopefully it'll work out for both teams because honestly that's what they say is the best trade is one that works out well with both teams Brandon Hagel is going to be a free agent and a couple of years Maybe he gets a ring on his finger maybe the Blackhawks are in a position to sign him and maybe he wants to come back home Who knows It's a lot of what ifs but we'll see We're still hoping to hear from the Blackhawks dressing room We've still got to get to look around the league as well But the Blackhawks take down the Anaheim ducks tonight four to two goals by Taylor radish Patrick Kane Dylan strome and Alex to bring it as they start off this three game road trip with a victory They're going to be in LA tomorrow night and then Vegas on Saturday afternoon but a.

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